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FAA Seafire decals?


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I have the very nice Grey Matter Seafire conversion and am considering getting started on that. I haven't been able to find any 1/32 Seafire decals though and I wonder if anyone makes any. My preference is a a/c in the BPF with late war markings. All help is appreciated. :) Thanks!!!!

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I haven't seen any decals for an FAA Seafire either John. Considering that the old Revell kit was/is  the only option OOB, it's sort of understandable. 

Maybe look at stuff for FAA Corsairs and cobble something together? For roundels, you can get masks from Maketar that would work too.

Hope that helps.


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Hi John,

found this by accident, hope it might help.


I found two photographs of 887 Squadron Seafire IIIs, which showed that the airplanes used oversized large BPF insignia; this was likely done to insure that their erstwhile USN allies recognized the unfamiliar shape of the Seafire as “friendly.”  I was able to source the BPF decals from the Dutch Decals sheet “Dutchies in de FAA”, which were originally meant for the 1/32 Hellcat.  The “Royal Navy” and the serial NN212 came from leftover decals for the Fisher Sea Fury, while “S/112" was sourced out of other Fleet Air Arm decal sheets.

Source is: https://modelingmadness.com/review/allies/cleaver/gb/tmcsf3.htm

Cheers Rob

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Check out the Fly Sea Hurricane, they probably flew off the same ships, I bet those decals would be similar. But I would just get some masks (Montex K32198) or some custom Maketar.

Fly has masks, but pretty basic..



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