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Custom masks?


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I'm planning to build the Trumpeter P-40B as either George Welch's or Ken Taylor's a/c. I'm looking for someone to cut me some masks for the side numbers. Any help is appreciated.




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14 hours ago, krow113 said:

I've always offered that service as well.

For singular subjects that aren't readily available.

Custom mask set at work and in development for The Gotha:



Hey Steve. I've already made a deal with Topnotch for the needed masks but will keep you in mind for future needs!

Thanks!! :)

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1 hour ago, Grunhertz said:

Some VERY nice models. Good work. I appreciate the help on the masks. He says they should be done in about a week so I should have them in about 2 weeks. No big rush as I am just now getting started on the model. :)

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