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Bronco to make 1/32 vehicles??


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I'm sure you're all aware that Bronco has made a new kit of the T-34 tank in 1/32 scale, what I hadn't noticed was the kit number.. 32001. 

Does this mean we will see a range of 1/32 vehicles to go with our aircraft now?? I'm praying for a Ford GPW or Willys Jeep and a Matador fuel truck to go next to the Lanc. An airfield Tractor and an Austin ambulance would be cool too.

Come on guys, join me on your knees with your palms together and pray.. please!!

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If such a fuel vehicle isnt available, scratch build your own . . . 

sadly we cant wait for manufacturer to always produce what we want/need


I'm in the throws of buildin a crew bus as well  . . .


Truth is that these are 35th scale but as a back drop to the hugh Lancaster I dont think anybody will notice  . . . .

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