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I was in a modelers slump for most of 2018 and hadn't completed a large scale kit since early 2017 so in the waining months of last year I pulled a couple of kits from the stash that met several criteria, low parts count, simple paint jobs, and kits I felt I would be happy with OOB or a very minimum of after market. Remarkably I was able to finish both before the end of the year. The first of these was the Pacific Coast Models Re.2005. The kit went together well except for the resin cockpit which I couldn't get to fit to my satisfaction. Once I realized that precious little of it would be visible through the tiny cockpit opening I relaxed and went with the flow. The IP hides up under the cowl and about all you can see through the canopy is the seat and harness. The only other issue was the landing gear which was very fiddly and took several tries to get close to what looked like a normal stance. Since these aircraft were only in service a short time I kept weathering to a minimum.







Considering how much my skills had atrophied it turned out OK as far as I was concerned and went a long way towards recharging my mojo !

Thanks for looking !

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