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I went to Tankride


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Hi everyone,

     Today my club had our monthly meeting at Tankride in beautiful Tamborine Queensland.  They have quite a few runners including Centurion Tanks, armored cars, and APCs as well as some great display stuff like a BMW with a sidecar.  But I only took a few pictures.  I got somebody to take one of me so that you all won't think I look like Dr. Strangelove:










This tank was damaged in combat in Vietnam and deemed not repairable.  So, they took of the remains of the upper bits and turned it into a training vehicle.




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7 hours ago, Jackster said:

Having read Ken Tout's memoirs of a Sherman crew in WW2 after D-Day, I would love to clamber around inside one, get an actual feel for the confines.






    If you're over 5'8" you'd find it hard going.  At 6'3" there was no place I could stand up, and the driver's compartment was totally too small for me.



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6 hours ago, Jeff said:

So cool, wish we had stuff like that around here......


    I didn't know that it was near me until 5 weeks ago.  It was only 25 minutes drive.  When I lived in the US, the only military gear I got to climb on was the Sherman tank outside the Grayling Michigan VFW Hall.




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Gaz, I bet you were gobsmacked to find it so close to you............... what a find ! I'm afraid if we had anything lie that close to us, I'd be hanging around there like a bad smell........... ................how much fun can a guy have eh?? That would be a blast..................... no pun intended....

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