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Hi guys,


Here's a pictorial of my build to convert the Eduard Bf 109E to the rather snazzy looking 109V-7 prototype. This Jumo-engine machine wasn't fitted with armament etc, and has the earlier wing with the extended slats. I hope you like her:

























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Did I miss James or what color did you use for the paint?  That has almost a SCW era look to it but the markings are more for home defense.  I know many consider the early 109's (used in Spain) to be almost a NMF but a little more "primerish" in it's patina.


Very wise to convert a better detailed kit like this into a "Jumoschimtt", love the surgery you performed, not much room for errors on a 1/32.



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Hi Doug,


First, real nice to see you at LSM!


The AlleyCat conversions do fit real well, but you need to measure a 1000 times and glue once when it comes to the matching profiles of the bulkhead and the new nose. 


You notice I didn't follow the constructional sequence too, with regards to adding the wing before the nose? The one suggested just seemed too illogical.

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