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My gift today for THE MACHINE!!!

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Hi guys. :D

So, one of my very favorite people is THE MACHINE!!!!

He has become interested in art and architecture. I gave him a Su 27 recently. He seems into it so he gets a Sparmax airbrush and Life colour paints and a little compressor. I don't need these as I have 5 awesome airbrushes and 2 excellent compressors. (+ I want to help the hobby)


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Cheers mate. I always give child students birthday gifts and what not. I love birthdays. They mean so much to kids. I am in my studio now. He is due for his lesson in 45 minutes. I will take a photo of him when he gets it.

He built a Leggo Eiffel tower and enjoyed it. I did forget to bring some brushes. It was too hard to walk back with a moon boot on my foot. :D

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Oh thanks guys. I can't help it. I love kids. John Paul is his real name. I had his parents bring him early so I could teach him how to clean the airbrush. 

I learned to play a samba when teaching little kids because of John Paul. Kids recognize it because it sounds like a heartbeat. It is really interesting. He was just 3 years old when he began with me. I have watched him grow. I think it is like  that saying, it takes a village to raise a child. I never had kids because I was always on tour. Plus families scare me.


Thanks very much. :D

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