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Did you notice the latest PB attempt ?


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One of the good things about LSM is the fact that you can upload directly your photos to the site.

However, some, like me still rely on hot-linking from a photo-hosting site. I moved (and how glad and happy I am for doing it) from Photobucket to Sugmug at the time of « The Great Photobucket Scam », some 2 1/2 years ago, when they tried to extort USD 400 per year for continuing to host and and hot-link their users’ pics. 

I certainly was not the only one doing so, and their business seemed hurt enough that they removed the CEO responsible for this debacle from office - served him right - and then allowed a return of the hot-linking, albeit with a - very often VERY obnoxious - big watermark ...

And now, I noticed in the last two days they are again stabbing their users / customers in the back : hot-linked pics appear blurry, with just the watermark clear and sharp :wallbash:. You need to click on the pic to access a clear, in-focus picture.

In short they have done it again : betray their users. Maybe one day, this will become case lesson in how to run a business in the wall ...


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Very happy with Smugmug, even though I am not using all the functionalities my paying formula entitles me too.

After the PB debacle, I swore never to believe anymore the claims of « free » image-hosting. There is no such thing as a free lunch, as they say ...

And, btw, Flickr and SmugMug are now the same company, the latter having bought the former. Which may be another proof that a sound business model with paying - as opposed to « free » - services lasts longer and is more successfull.


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Yep, same as Hubert, (we both moved at about the same time and I remember talking to you about it then), I use Smugmug too. I pay a small annual subscription fee, but there are NO pop ups, ZERO issues, blisteringly fast website, and they give me my own website and banner.  I really don't need it now, but I keep it anyway because it's a GREAT service with absolutely zero issues.

I've gotten in the habit of uploading straight to LSM. but having a backup in case the website crashes and it needs to be rebuilt, (Like what happened on the other site), and people end up losing all their content.

PB can go pound much sand into a small, tight, dark space for all I care. They'll never get one single penny from this old boy. 

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yup blurry with stupid logo prominent:

http://kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=240355&ord=&page=1e imminnet


Imgur is working well for me , free and easy , without almost daily emails regarding the imminent ceasing of the universe if I don't "take immediate action".


lol yup how to ruin your company and give alla your business to others

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I gave up on PB after their great extortion - though I had so much shared from there at the time I gave them a few shekels to keep things visible while I migrated off

i have received about five emails from them this week - great way to alienate whatever customer base they have remaining 

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