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Scratch build 32nd bomb trolleys for HK Lancaster

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Morning all

I have made the initial start on some bomb trolleys to display the bombs of the Lancaster kit.

I know that A bomb trolley is available in resin but I think that it is a later 'E Type', heavily engineered for carrying the 500Ib bombs and even the 4000Ibs 'cookie' bomb.

The 4000Ib bomb has been taken from the kits sprue . . . 


There will be more to come as I find the time to build at least three trolleys, there being two to carry the 500Ib bombs (6 on each trolley) and one for the 4000Ib'er


Bomb trolleys x 2 .JPG

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Here is a bit of progress . . .

In the first photo you can see the two width of the tyres.

I found these wheels/tyres which are the correct diameter but not the correct width so I spilt the wheels and added some plasti-card to obtain the width . . . 

To ensure that I had all three bomb trolleys the same width I cobbled together a gauge that meant that each trolley was the same . . . 

This is how far I have got with the 4000Ib trolley, the bomb being taken from the kit  . . . 

Thanks for looking in 


Bomb trolley wheels .JPG

Bomb trolley gauge .JPG

Bomb trolley 4000 .JPG

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The examples I have seen at EK are the larger F type that were capable of holding the 12,000Ib 'Blockbuster' or a 'Grand Slam' 22,000Ib bomb.

I believe also that their examples have mudguards which I suspect are post-war types  . . .

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I wonder if anybody can actually tell me with 100% certainty the supposed size of these bombs that come with the HK Lancaster kit.

I firmly believe that they are 1000Ibs bombs but a good friend of mine tells me that they are 500Ibs bombs, hence you get 20 of them with the kit ??

All answers on a postcard pleaseee  :secret:


Bomb trolley Bombs .JPG

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I have been making up the smaller bombs to be carried on the trolleys x2

I have also removed the two fixing lugs that attach them into the bomb bay of the aircraft. I believe at some point during the war that some British bombs carried an American tail unit. These were square as you have probably seen as issued in the HK B17 aircraft model. The fact that you could attach tails unit that were available presents the opportunity to paint those units a different color . . . .

The 4000Ib bomb I have altered slightly as well. There was a 'lip' on the front section that can be seen in reference photos therefore to replicate this I have wrapped a sheet of plasti-card around the front 2/3rd section of the bomb . . . 

I am progressing on with the second of the 500Ib trolley . . . 



Bombs 500Ib .JPG

Bombs on trolley .JPG

Bomb trolley 500Ib .JPG

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Bombs painted. I have also modified the 4000Ib bomb.

You often see on period photos that bombs are far from 'clean' they show signs of staining and or dirt due to weathering  . . . they were stored outside in the open air.


I have now to get the steering/Tow bar in place and this will be for display and not actually functioning.


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Progress is rather slow but its progress none the less.

I have aligned all the wheels within the gauge, they are square and vertical . . .

I have painted the tyres for all the trolleys and as I type, I have just finished the wheel hubs  . . .

Both of the chassis for the 500Ib bombs are almost finished, just need to put the tow arm on the front plus a tow hook on the rear  . . .

All the bombs have been painted to spec. taken from the manual . . . .

Another week and hopefully they shall be done B)

Bomb trolley wheel alignment .JPG

Bomb trolley chassis .JPG

Bomb trolleys loaded .JPG

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