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Okay, I just got my first reskit parts in from Sprue Bros.  An F-104 exhaust, and F-104 and F-105 wheels.  Holly molly these things are super nice.  The 104 exhaust detailing is unbelievable!!!! If the fit is good I'll be going with all their stuff going forward.


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Just now, GusMac said:

That does look seriously impressive. I take it these (or at least the masters) must be 3D printed?

They certainly look it.  The detailing is unlike anything I've ever seen before and it is absolutely pristine too.  Not a bubble, burble, or bump to be found. 

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The gang at Reskit rocks. A little while back I shot them an email that brought to attention the lack of proper burner cans for the Trumpy F-14A. They thanked me for the intel and told me they would absolutely make a set. Told me to look for it in 3-4 months!

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