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Bf110C-7 Zerstörer

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Hi everyone,
here is the Dragon Bf110C-7 at the 1/32 scale.

I hope that you will like it i will take another set of pictures with the ground equipment and the figures when they are done.

let me know what do you think.

Cheers FRANCK.



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Looks stunning from where I'm sitting! (I've always liked the 110's adorned with Dachshunds) Your mottling of the fuselage sides is beautifully done as well. If you would care to share a bit of your technique on how you achieved the mottling, I'm all ears!





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Hello Folk's,

thank you for your comments,David yes this one will got Air Modeller with 3 figures painted by David Parker plus the Luftwaffe hand fuel pump plus 2 200lts drums from MDC and the Bomb trolley and two SC250 germans bombs....i am just waiting for the figures...


Ed...the mottling on the side is done with the camouflage colors RLM74-74-02 very diluted up to 90%...then gently build up until your are satisfied with the result.


very simple but efficient....


Cheers FRANCK.

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Hello Erik,

thank you very much as for the mottling...well just a matter of practice...but really nothing too difficult......


Next on the bench is the plane on your signature!!!


Cheers FRANCK.

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Thank you Nick,a superb kit to built.....funny enough i was questionning myself after reading some review on this kit in another site and how bad it was...geez i never had any problems...just wonder how does people put a kit togehter sometimes...



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