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Round-cross-section stretchy line. Does it exist?


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2 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

I can’t even imagine trying to move a warship around with mono line rigging. It’d last 10 seconds with me and my ham hands. 

Uschi’s stuff is exactly what you need.

Well....   what prompted the change was when my mono separated from the torpedo net boom while I was trying to heat shrink it.


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+1 for Uschi. he has a "Special ships' rigging" elastic thread that is 0.03 mm. You just need tweezers that can really grasp such tiny thread, good magnification, a steady hand (avoid coffee or other stuff like that) and tons of patience. It can really stretch a lot. And it takes CA very well, even for minute contact points.

I used the "fine" (bigger than the ship's rigging sruff) version on the venerable 1/72 Matchbox Boeing P-12E. (And, btw, I will NEVER again do a 1/72 biplane :blink: !). EZ line, although flat, is just to big for the scale.




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