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Takom Krupp Morser 1/35


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I've been working on Takom's Krupp Morser in 1/35 scale. An interesting build with lots

of tiny parts including PE parts.  Many of these tiny parts have multiple attachment points that need to be filed or sanding before gluing in place. I have been working for the last couple of day and I still haven't

got to the actual gun yet. here are some pictures.




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I had some minor difficulties so far, mostly due to the tiny parts and how they are attached to the sprue making removal difficult. Two tiny hooks disintegrated during

removal and had to be remade using stretched sprue. A small gap had to be filled  at the top of one of the frame cross members. This was done with a strip of styrene. Otherwise, fit is really pretty good and it's a fun build.


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Final assembly and it's painted. I had to change plans with regard to the wheels. I originally had planned to use the wheels with the articulating pads. I assembled them

and painted them, but they kept breaking. The final straw came when trying to mount

them on the gun when about a dozen of the pads broke off. So I chose the simple option.

Here are some pictures of the model as it is. I haven't decide or not to call it finished or

to try some additional detailing and weathering. The model is fragile so handling is difficult.





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