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4 hours ago, towerpower said:

Jeeeeez Harv, that's some "mugshot" alright, wishing you all the luck you can get, hope there's some light at the end of that mugshot tunnel.....


take care,


Thanks Jack !. It's a loooong tunnel....harv 

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Now that so many of you share your smiles, visible or not, I will not stand back.

That's my smiling face, when I spilled the Tamiya Extra Thin again:


Oops, wrong thread, I only today prepared the resin bust of the Abyssmal and found it fitting :D.

As a reminder, we had that kind of thread a while ago. I haven't changed a lot since then, not even around the waist :D

I will ask my wife, if she has an actual shot of me without the snarl. I'm the one taking the photos normally, but no selfies.

Cheers Rob

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