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  1. Hey Bevan, glad you like her, the green is Gunze's RLM 83 mixed with a touch of RLM 82 here & there, then weathered with Mig oil's "Olive Green" mixed with a bit of white. I try to make every panel a little different. Very handy colour to have in the stash.... Regards, Dan M
  2. Hi Torben, Very easy indeed, they're just formed from blobs of white canopy glue - you can manipulate the blobs while its drying to get a "bracket/P clip" shape. Add some paint, and presto. Jeroen: Feel free to steal away! I thought it may have been a "bit over the top" myself........ Glad you like! Dan M
  3. Hi All, 1st time posting a kit on here....... Here's my take on Salffner's FW190A8 he flew as CO of 7./JG300 in Germany, 1945. It's Eduard's 190A8 boxing pretty much OOTB with the exception of the homemade loop & radio aerials & Pitot tube. The Würger is finished in a late war RLM83 Mottle scheme over the fuselage RLM 76. The wing surfaces depict a RLM75/83 scheme. Tamiya & Gunze acrylics were used, with oils & a touch of pigments for weathering. The RLM83 is a little greener in these pics than in the flesh, with a light mottle of RLM 82 here & there. The decals used are as supplied by Eduard. One source states that the odd black drop tank was left over from JG300's "Wilde Saü" operations. As I hadn't really tackled a 190' before, many thanks to Jamie Degenhardt & Ralph Riese for the technical advice & the lend of some decent reference material! Thanks for looking, All comments welcome! Dan M
  4. Yayyyyyy kickoff time! Let the sprue cutting begin indeed!
  5. Bring on the easy mud, pigments & grass! Looking forward to it. Cheers, Dan M
  6. Good stuff, yes I have seen the pics with the odd hatch, makes you wonder what sort of a evening the "men in black" had the night before....too much duty free schnapps perhaps.....
  7. Love the White cowl 109's. Another good choice. Gaining ground for a complete Staffel here........almost Regards Dan M
  8. Hi Bevan, That's a goody, great choice. it's got some great weathering potential. The cross on the misplaced side access hatch certainly is odd...Are you going to replicate it? Or "take the hatch off & straighten it up" for the pilot.... Dan M
  9. "Tally Ho chaps", looking forward to seeing this sterling silver beauty progressing. Dan M
  10. Righto, will do. I've built a couple of their 1:48 109's (E1&7) & am currently doing a 190A8. I'm hoping it should build up similar. Definitely not wise to stray from the instructions... Dan M
  11. Hey Dave, Kagero's "Units - JG51 Mölders". I've got the "JG53 "Pik A's" one as well, thers a good E1 in there too.... Dan M
  12. Throwing my hat in the ring for an Eduard 109 Emil, still a virgin in '32 scale.... This is the one - Dan M
  13. Cool, looking forward to seeing some bare metal on this one. Banzai!
  14. Great Komet, the weathering is nice & restrained (as it would be for an extremely short-lived aircraft). Love the Splinter pattern too.
  15. Really coming together Bevan, lots of good contrast happening there. Looking forward to the finish! Dan M
  16. Nice work Bevan, You're picking some good subjects to build up. Hope this makes it to Expo next year. Dan M
  17. 2 in a row. Many worthwhile hours spent, both winners in my book..... Looking forward to the next "hit"! Definitely deserve a Boags or two (or 10) Dan
  18. Excellent, looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh, the Pitot "RBF" pennant is a nice touch of colour too-good idea! Dan M
  19. Great progress Ralph, glad to hear you're giving the AK another go, it's definitely paying off. looks like the end is in sight - time to get back into the Schwimm & Kettenkrads!!! Greetings to Bevan too. Dan M
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