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  1. Those look fantastic, Fran. How I regret not picking up the F re-boxing when I had a chance.
  2. Paint down on the cockpit. Used a Modern US Navy Blue Gray, looks the part to my eye. Airbrush paints mostly MRP, and brush paints Ammo by Mig. I also bought myself a purposed designed dry brush by Mig and I love it. Did a little dry brushing with some Light Ghost Gray. Now some color.
  3. .....and off we go. Installed the P.E fiddly bits in the Aires pit, and got the side panels cleaned up. On to the IP next, then paint tomorrow. Glued the intakes together as well and hit the seams with some Tamiya white.
  4. Well this more closely matches the artwork, but not the color callouts like my pic. I like this better for sure.
  5. The real color of these aircraft are nothing like the artwork. I might add that the dekkals are prodece in Ukraine as well. Below is the real thing. Artist rendering is the first plane on the sheet.
  6. I had these decals already so what the heck. Trumpy kit with Aires Cockpit, and Reskit wheels.
  7. Great deal!! https://spruebrothers.com/has08882-1-32-hasegawa-mitsubishi-j2m3-raiden-jack-type-21/
  8. Mig 29, Su 27, Su 24, Su 25, Mi 24, Mi 8, Bayraktar drone, An 30, L 39, IL 76, An 24, An 36, An 30, An 70 Also anything from any Ukrainian kit manufacturer as well.
  9. Ok, who is in? Ernie will lay down the guidelines, but it will be any scale. Like any build thread I think it will be best to focus on our modeling progress, techniques, and the aircraft aircraft themselves. We have another thread for updates and discussion about the conflict already. I'm throwing down a SU-25. Let's do this!!
  10. Because we do not target for assasination heads of state. So you put the pressure on the millions of Russians in hope they will dispose if him. I must say though I doubt he is giving direct orders to his tank drivers to run over civillians, etc.
  11. With all it's lumps and warts, but a good discount for the brave. https://spruebrothers.com/hbs83214-1-32-hobby-boss-a-26c-invader/
  12. Well I was thinking of the employees, some of which I have communicated with in the past. Think Ernie was as well.
  13. OMG! JET Mads Raptor! It's in intermediate design phase!
  14. Daily, he is doing as well as can be expected during these crazy times. I told him a couple days ago to get his ass back to lsm. Doing it again right now.
  15. I have had reoccurring bad dreams about the Hobbyboss B-24 though
  16. I have the same crazy dream issues, but the subject varies. The broken sleep issue is the same. I actuslly take melatonin every night and it works like a charm. I do like the video game solution. All I have is an Atari console with all the old retro games on it though.
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