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  1. Order a snap tite kit! I'll keep you in my prayers, Harv.
  2. I'll be in New York at the end of October. West Point to be exact.
  3. Awesome! I was wondering if anyone else liked real airplanes. 🤣 I'm going to the Reno Air Races in two weeks!
  4. It's a long modeling weekend here in the US! What's everyone up too?
  5. Yup found the house he grew up in until he went of to WWII at 16. Also found my grandfather's gravesite, who passed away long before I was born.
  6. After the show in Omaha last time I rented a car and drove across Nebraska to North Platte where my father was born, and really enjoyed it!
  7. Moving right along! Man do I love seemless intakes. Nice work on the sides.
  8. I believe July 20-23
  9. I plan to go , but things seem to be constantly changing so you never know. I will have to fly so it will be one build for me, and certainly not a jet. Hopefully things will be opened up a bit more so there will be more vendors than I heard were there this year.
  10. Got a big Ukrainian on on the shelf already, and man do they take up a lot of space.
  11. I have a lot of nice kits in my stash to get to, and I have never really fancied building German WWII stuff. I mean I have a few of the standards on the shelf, but there are just other things I would like to build instead. So I just wanted to see if there was any interest in doing some trading. Kits available for trade- Zm Do-335 A-12 Revell Arado Ar-196 A-3 (Pretty sure this is oop, some value there. Hasegawa BF-109 F-4 Trop Meng Me 163B Dragon BF-110 D/E I'm not totally concerned with getting full value out of these, just looking for some new plastic without having to pay for it🙂 Wants- #1 Academy F/A-18D!!! Tamiya F-4C TBM-3 Fly Hurricane MkI ...pretty much any large jets for that matter and will consider any other aircraft or combination thereof. Let's chat '
  12. I'm a huge fan of boring gray jets🙃
  13. I am vehemently opposed to doing one to same as everone else.
  14. This is the best tool for a Hornet build. These books from Jake Melampy are amazing! https://www.reidairpublishing.com/books/the-modern-hornet-guide-the-boeing-fa-18abcd-exposed
  15. What the heck is the deal with the guy on the bike?
  16. The Academy Bug is a great kit, but you do have to out think some of the steps, just as you have done there.
  17. I would think cyano for the small parts and two part epoxy for the large ones.
  18. When I built my HK Lanc I didn't install a seat as it was crap. So I left the cockpit glass unglued knowing a good seat would be an eventuality. Enter Resin 2 Detail. They have three seats they released, basic to super deluxe. This is the deluxe. Very nice!
  19. Be safe, praying for you all down there!!
  20. Someone recieved the kit and has pics of what's inside on LSP. It's absolutely stunning.
  21. Hope you have a splendid day!!
  22. Very nice work! I so enjoyed building the D.1!
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