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  1. Indeed, I think the comparison to Germany is to how it all got started and they got society to buy in. Not where it ended up.
  2. I remember when these Trumpy kits were lying around all over the place, sheesh
  3. Time to clean up that outdrive, Harv
  4. People are quitting work by the thousands instead of getting the jab here, and hoards of police have just quit or retired.
  5. Peter see if you can find a museum that will display them after you build them.
  6. Now what I need is for someone to buy HP 0/100 molds
  7. ICM has confirmed this through a facebook messenger conversation with me. CH-54 is a go!
  8. Well since interests in my offered trades was minimal does anyone have a Trumpy F/A-18F or an E/A-18G they want to sell?
  9. C-17 up there participated in the Kabul airlift as did many birds from Travis AFB. Hopefully those disobedient Snowbird pilots go straight to quarantine when the return to Canada!
  10. ....of real airplanes. I know they are not plastic, but they are the next best thing! California Capital Airshow 2021
  11. What everone seems to be missing though is the need for a new tool AH-64 in large scale, perhaps the best attack helicopter ever built. $$$$
  12. True, but due to the design I dont imagine it woyld be as much plastic as say the 35th CH 47. Possibly not even close, unless they provide the rectangular thingymabob the military used.
  13. Why wouldn't any police with a conscience just quit? Are they bound like military service. I guess this would be exactly why our federal government wants to defund police departments, and federalize tgem. Scary
  14. Looks brutal from afar. I was thinking about your police. Here in the US we have had a huge portion of law enforcement who opposed the draconian restrictions and said they would not enforce the mandates no matter what our leaders said. It looks like your law enforcement are 100% in to doing what they are doing.
  15. Happy bday my friend!
  16. They announced it at Phoenix nats in 2018.
  17. Absolutely no fun! You should not consider going....ever!!
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