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  1. Looking sweet, Jeroen! And the texture you've achieved on that 1:1 scale hand is just incredible! Cheers, Rockie
  2. Great perseverance, and some serious modeling skills! What's next? Cheers, Rockie
  3. Just wonderful work, Rowdy! I really like the splintered prop effect. Cheers, Rockie
  4. Sincerely - this is really nice work! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Looking good Gaz! I need two hands and a vise and a shot of scotch to paint a straight line. Well at least it looks straight to me while under the influence of the scotch!
  6. Plus one! Your seats (and everything else) look awesome!
  7. Beautiful work Gaz!! Love the Flying Pencil - sure hope we get one in 1/32 scale someday.
  8. Beautiful! You've done a terrific job with that finish. Love those formation ships. Rockie
  9. Wow, first time I've seen that picture. What a monster!
  10. It's in my stash too. Looking forward to see you bring the old girl to life!
  11. Absolutely lovely work! Really inspirational - thanks for sharing! Rockie
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