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  1. LOL Maybe they will make a exception!
  2. I saw that too Harv but was able to make myself wait! The shipping would likely be pricey.
  3. Thanks Rob. I look forward to getting one!
  4. I hear this kit will be available soon so do any of you know where I can get one? USA please. Thanks!!
  5. I had a line on one on ebay but someone lodged a higher bid at the last moment so I lost out. So, I'm looking around for one. Either trade or $$$ or a mix of both.
  6. It's a good read alright. Right now I'm re-reading "Night Fighter" by Jimmy Rawnsley. Another good one!
  7. Good looking Skyraider! Well done.
  8. I just finished reading it for about the 3rd time.
  9. Sure negates the camouflage doesn't it. Some exhaust stains for sure.
  10. Thank you Gaz! Getting close to the finish line.
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