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  1. Decals copied and re-scaled from 1/48 to 1/32 using my laser printer.
  2. Thanks Gaz. I'm close to getting started on the OD and gray.
  3. Yes it is Carl, thanks. They are both about the same size judging from the Mk.1 eyeball. I have a '25 in one of my display cases and it was a tight fit. As for the P-61 I have no idea as to where I can put it as all of my cases are full.
  4. Puttying and sanding finished. Primer mostly applied. I'd say it's over the hump now (I hope!).
  5. I would still like to get a couple of these sets for future use. Anybody???
  6. Thanks Danny. I still have plenty of puttying and sanding to do (my least favorite part of modeling). I hope to have all that done and the primer applied by mid-week but we will see.
  7. Thanks MARU and Gaz. This one has really been a challenge but, hopefully, I'm over that hump now.
  8. Thanks Ernie. Lots of sanding, etc going on! I really want to see how it looks with a coat of gray primer. That will be a big milestone.
  9. Wings are attached. Needed a fair amount of CA, strip plastic and Tamiya putty. Far from ready for primer. More sanding, etc.
  10. That will be a beauty. Sean at Top Notch does a really good job on his stencils.
  11. LOL Ernie! I'm in the process of fixing the wings so we will see.
  12. Yes, sweet old bird LOL.
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