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  1. JohnB

    VF-9 Hellcat finished

    I say go for it. Should make a good looking model.
  2. JohnB

    VF-9 Hellcat finished

    I've done that too so I know how you feel!
  3. It was a new one on me too Carl. Thanks.
  4. The CMK cockpit set is finished. Much better than what the kit gives us. It's kind of strange to me that the gunsight on the B/C's was down between the rudder pedals and reflected up onto the armored glass behind the windscreen. Hard to see in the photos but it's there. Straight from my leftover parts stash.
  5. JohnB


    Welcome to LSM!
  6. LOL It's evident by the photo how bad the kit parts are. I like the CMK set. It's crisp in detail and looks good so I'll use it.
  7. Here's the KMC cockpit dry fitted to the fuselage halves. Maybe not exactly right but it is MUCH better than the kit parts so I'll proceed with using it.
  8. Thanks Nigel. Fingers crossed no that!
  9. Hmmmm...It looks okay to me but I haven't done a mockup dry fit yet. It's not as shallow as the kit cockpit thank God. I'll check it more closely later today.
  10. That is a great build. He really did a good job of it. I don't plan to take it quite that far but we will see. I now have the CMK cockpit set and it really is nice and should go a long way to making this model look good.
  11. JohnB


    Received the CMK cockpit set this AM. Outstanding! MUCH better than the crummy kit cockpit and should really make a big difference in the finished model.
  12. JohnB

    HPH Helldiver dive flaps

    Ya never know Ernie! LOL I have the kit but haven't been inspired to build it yet. I'll be watching to see what you do to get the flaps sorted out as I do intend to build mine "one of these days".
  13. JohnB

    HB Models B-24 Hints, Tweaks, Tips

    Very interesting! I will be watching this thread as I have some interest in building one (although I hope I get over it!) LOL
  14. JohnB

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    Coming along really well. I had toyed with the idea of getting one but have decided to hold off due to some of the "problems" you detailed. Especially the clear parts.
  15. JohnB

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF

    Looking good!