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  1. That is clearly 70's vintage. There is no way to know on the color and markings question, there are/ were a myriad of schemes. I loved these kits as a kid especially the way you built them from the frame up! Autocar was my favorite rig builder. Ryan
  2. Ahhh the Defender 90, love that vehicle. Too bad restrictions killed it here in the 90's.
  3. My son has the new JL Unlimited very much like this one. It's got the Turbo four cylinder in it and it feels just like the 6cly version!
  4. The Covid-19 incentives finally took their toll on me! Jeep by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  5. Not much into pre-assembled kits, but I'll make an exception. The smile wont come off my face! Jeep by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  6. Been there John, currently everything I touch turns to shit. It will pass. Ryan
  7. We never had an appreciable interruption in work. Been working every day since the outbreak. I’m not in medical but we are deemed an essential biz.
  8. It’s like I’m sitting in my living room, sadly many conversations boomerang into bodily function discussions! I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  9. Looks like you are having fun Harv!
  10. My brothers look nothing like them or me. I know, terrible.
  11. Hubert I have the one that your Flexifile is on and I find it about useless to hold smaller brushes. It seems that the bore at the bottom of the unit is too shallow to allow the brush not to tip or fall out.
  12. There are a few of vids with that same machine in it, running.
  13. Guess I'll have to build the HPH one I bought from you, so good resin does not go to waste.
  14. Hey harv, why not go back and splatter some of the original mud color to compliment, I bet it will really tie things together.
  15. Harv you can see with just a little spattering it doesn't look as painted on.
  16. It's all about personal preference, I like my armor to look like it was in dirt at some point but then went over roads for a period of time. I think I achieved that with the T26 above.
  17. Yeah me either, its good to have a test hull to practice on.
  18. Bigger pic to see weathering. T-26 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr
  19. T-26 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr
  20. Here you can see the effect I hope, I actually flicked the pigments on this one like a cigarette ash. T-26 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  21. Harv, think of it like this....picture a dirty rainbow with the inside edge of the rainbow being wet or dark mud..and last or outside portion of our dirt rainbow as light dry dust. The color range of the rainbow is a gradual decrease in the bottom color of the mud until you get to the very top...dust. The smallest particles of dirt is dust, to simulate this you see armor guys (me included) spray a thin veil of Buff or Dust color first. This this the broadest range of color you can start with (all other colors will fall within this dust boundary). after that you can go with the darkest color and just like our dirty rainbow apply it via stippling to the lower surfaces. The magic happens with the mid color between dark mud and light dust, this is flicked onto the model to give a smooth transition from dark to light. I hope this makes sense I was struggling with the "dirty rainbow" imagery.
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