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  1. Thanks, Gaz. The Mercedes is an overhead valve design; no pushrods to accent the cylinders...
  2. Some engine progress... The Argus: I drilled holes for the pushrod sockets, and cut 0.020 diameter brass rod. Still some touchup to do on the rods, but I'm pleased with results thus far. Daimler-Mercedes D.1: I'm disappointed; there is NO molded in spark plug detail as on the Argus engine - only locating holes. Unfortunately, Taurus has ceased production due to shipping difficulties associated with the pandemic. I managed to source some from the UK. Tough to see in this photo, but I managed to drill a 0.020" (0.5 mm) hole in the ends of the spark plug wire conduits. Once painted, I'll stuff six wires into the ends.
  3. Let us help you out, Ernie. It's the Christian thing to do.
  4. I wonder what the WNW sheet will fetch now that Aviattic has released this?
  5. I guess I should have looked not just at the instructions, but the sprues themselves. It turns out that WNW supplied cylinders on the Argus devoid of detail too! The magnetos also are molded with spark plug wire tubes. The instruction manual would have you cut off the tube... All I really need to do is source some small diameter rod! At this point, I can build both the Argus and the Daimler-Benz and hold choosing markings.
  6. I'm not real happy with the molded-on detail of the engine... I'm inclined to remove it all and rebuild... your thoughts?
  7. Finally finished the cockpit this morning. Next is the engine...
  8. I have a friend who has modulated the black with a very dark brown... it looks very good.
  9. For large areas, I use my very first airbrush - the Badger 350. Single action, external mix - as long as you thin the paint well, I've never had a problem with surface finish with it.
  10. Rob, I concur on the Tamiya acrylic/Mr. Leveling thinner mixture; it sprays unbelievably well. I use the retarder when brush painting - it slows the drying time, and works very well. The only down side to it is the lack of any dispensing mechanism. Even a brush in the cap would be a plus.
  11. Indeed there is, Gaz. They have retarder for their acrylic line as well as for lacquers. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87198/index.htm https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/finishing/paint-retarder-acrylic-40ml/ You can get them from BNA... https://www.bnamodelworld.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=0&keyword=tamiya+retarder
  12. Gaz, There are several clear coats over the lozenge, and frisket film is only barely sticky...
  13. I have two (separate) offerings for the raffle, Ernie.
  14. I have a thing for planes on floats. I'm pretty sure the images are CAD renderings, but it looks beautiful!
  15. Rob, this one's way down on the to-do list. Maybe once I finish a couple! And the postman dropped this off yesterday.
  16. Here you go, Rob... At the top, you can see the sprocket/chain. My bike has a chrome drive sprocket; I'll have to pull out the Molotow marker for that. Vinyl parts are included with the kit. The seat, tires and an accesory bag. Also (not pictured) a length of vinyl tubing for brake lines. Lots of chrome parts. The wheels/spokes are split in half... Lots of accessories included with the kit; I won't use the fenders, child seat, beverage bottle, mirror, headlight etc. Bare bones, just like mine!
  17. Thanks, Carl. Actually, there is frisket film right by the fuselage; the saran is just there to prevent overspray on the wings.
  18. Count me in, Ernie! I'll dig up a kit to donate to the cause. Thanks in advance for your efforts!
  19. Something totally off the wall for me, but I couldn't resist. I've ridden my Continental for 40 years.
  20. A result I can live with! Some more decals on the Pfalz.
  21. These days US150 is a relative bargain for a WNW kit. I don't see the bubble ever bursting. I did recently pick up a Rumpler. My Christmas gif to myself. Carl, how bad is shipping within Canada? If/when the border ever opens, I have a niece is St. Catherines. Prior to Covid, I saw her fairly regularly...
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