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  1. Incredible stuff there, John. That MG42 was bad ass!
  2. Try this, Mike http://www.aerohistorians.org/Other/Tamiya_paint_mixes_4-17.pdf
  3. Revell He-219. Base color of RLM 76 is done. Now onto that "splotch camouflage. Any have any wisdom on how to do it?
  4. I think we all have a kit or two that has languished on the SOD. Finishing some of those would be a great theme for a group build.
  5. Nice haul there, Harv. Shark64 has set the bar pretty high for you!
  6. Pulling this one forward. Hopefully it will be ready for my club's show at the end of the month. Ready for an undercoat of RLM 66 prior to priming the nose with Mr. Surfacer 1500.
  7. Only a 15 hour drive. Definitely doable...
  8. Hope you get back on track quickly, Harv!
  9. Rob, you did a beautiful job on those chairs. I spend a lot of time camping in the Adirondacks; those chairs are common around here. They're surprisingly comfortable.
  10. A couple of days ago, Harv. I'm officially eligible for the senior citizen discount!
  11. Thanks for the birthday wishes, gents! I spent the weekend camping - no bench time. 😞
  12. I did a test fit of the fuselage to wing spars. The cockpit was very tight going into the locating spots, so I put the cockpit assembly in by itself. A little finagling, and I got the fuselage sides in place.
  13. Good news indeed, Ernie! Down the road, maybe we'll see some things long neglected (Kate, Val, and that accurate P-51B)...
  14. Peter, you can go blind with those cockpit stencils - but they really make the 'pit pop!
  15. Gaz, For priming and covering larger area, I use my very first air brush - a single action, siphon feed Badger 350 with a medium nozzle. For priming, I've come to rely on Mr. Surfacer 1500 (black); I read somewhere that it contains very fine particles of granite. I won't run it through my Iwata. The Badger is cheap, and mine's been working well for over 30 years.
  16. Progress has been slowed by a camping trip - but I'm back at the bench for a little before I head to NY for a wedding. Getting ready for some washes...
  17. Not sure about the toilet bomber; I have plenty of time to consider it. I'm really enjoying this kit so far. Everything fits very well. Got some work done on the wings: I'll take care of painting the ammo later. Got some gloss white sprayed tonight, too. Once cured, I'll give it a black wash. More to come...
  18. Too funny, Scott. I looked at that pic and thought : More freaking shoes!?
  19. I've started on this beast. Main cockpit parts put together. I'm using Z-M color callouts with the exception of their "interior green" - they call for RLM 82; I opted for ModelMaster Interior Green. Cockpit is Dark Gull Gray. I'm not a big fan of front/rear fuselage sections. Rather than Join the front and rear once assembled, I prefer to join them prior to assembly of the "halves" - this helps to minimize a step between the two. They're not really halves on this plane, Z-M has the main fuselage in left, right, top and bottom. It's new to me.
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