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  1. Got my new fuselage in, and a fair amount of my aftermarket so far. I've paid for my AMS props but I'm still waiting on confirmation of the order. Now if I can steal some bench time I'll wrap up my P-47 and really get to work on this big bird. I hope to have it ready for next summer's contest season, but I won't rush it either.
  2. I'm happy for those who can get their hands on it, I'm unfortunately not one of them. I know I'll get to see at least 1 built up here in Dallas.
  3. My concern is it won't be near the $300 point. I'm guessing closer to $500 with all the parts and pieces needed to make this kit. I'd love one, but I'm afraid I'm going to be priced out.
  4. My first order of extras arrived and part of that was the G Factor gear. I've never used them before, and I am blown away by how nice they are! I'll use them every chance I get now.
  5. My thoughts exactly. I'm planning on closing the bomb bay, and theres not a ton of interior visible. I'll focus on the outside as well.
  6. I'm trying to not spend too much on this kit, yet that seems to be failing miserably. I've now got another fuselage pair, decals, g-factor gear, brassin wheels, 15 model master barrels, and hopefully after hearing back from Harold his props coming. Ouch.
  7. Very nice indeed. Perhaps someday I'll get the cajones ti try a resin kit.
  8. Sprue Bros is out of Harold's props. Where else can I grab them?
  9. I haven't decided on extras yet. Certainly Model Master barrels, but past that I'm not sure.
  10. Yes sir, that is a stunner right there. Beautiful!!
  11. Looking great Mark. It will be so neat to see 7 different versions all lined up next to each other.
  12. Thanks guys. Probably seeing the numerous builds has spurred me into building this, especially as practice for a B-24.... I went ahead and purchased a pair of "normal" non-clear fuselage halves after some serious consideration of what it will be like dealing with that clear pair. I figured that would help me tremendously. For now, I need to keep hammering away on my P-47.
  13. I was excited to start my first build thread here, and what's more large scale than a big twin? I've been itching to build a B-25 for awhile since my favorite childhood model was a B-25. I have the HK Strafer with extra glass nose, and flip flopped on which version to build. In the end I was drawn to "Fatso", a B-25J Strafer. Thus far is mostly planning and starting to prime the clear fuselage so I can see it better. I picked up a little reference material too. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!
  14. I'm new here but a few folks know me from elsewhere. I just wanted to share a few shots of my work to prove I do build when I can get time at the bench. Most of these are from the past 2 years and I look forward to putting up a WIP thread soon for a B-25.
  15. Its bigger than it looks Harv, the angle of the photo seems to distort it a bit. The only trick is getting in and out easily, but once I'm in, quite comfy:
  16. Here's how I occupy my time when the weather is nice... A Legend Cub for going nowhere fast: And a Super Decathlon for going nowhere while inverted:
  17. Oh how I missed you guys
  18. So this is where the party went... I'm glad to see some familiar faces here that I have missed.
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