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1/18 Hawker Sea Fury - probably VX620..

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No rest for the wicked they say, so with the paint drying on my S6B it's time for a new project..


I built a Hobbyboss Sea Fury back in the day and added loads to it including a visible engine and I have always wanted to make a large scale one. The problem was (and is) it doesn't fit in my display cabinet. I remeasured it the other day and somehow got my sums wrong and thought it would fit so off I went and started researching.. Turns out I was right the first time, the airfame is a beast and won't fit so will need a home once complete (or I get a bigger cabinet..)


My last one was the civil demonstrator G-AKRY, but now I just proved to myself I can paint an aeroplane, this one will be a service machine. Choosing one is harder than I thought - it's got to be RN, but to be honest, they were all painted the same :)


for now I chose this one VX620..




I started with Jumpeii Temma's plans and checked these with Will at DBMK on the one they scanned - they were bang on, so I designed the parts for my cutter..


also made a 3D cowling..


..the brass bar is to keep the keel rigid..




..the keel was taped to a flat sheet of acrylic and all the formers added - I also 3D printed a wingroot section to help alignment..






..I have had problems with plastic card cores flexing during construction so I clamped an ali bar and added the other side, moving the bar as I went..




..very quickly the fuselage took shape - it is huge..


..the floor is too high here and had to be chopped out and lowered - this is the problem with not having drawings :)








..having designed the cowling, I spent some time doing the prop, spinner and a basic engine front..




I think it came out pretty good - it defines the aeroplane so has to be right..






..starting to look like the brute it is..








..so thats it - off and running with a new build :)


..A plea for help - if anyone has any good interior pictures of the cockpit, seat, seat bulkhead, rollover structure, please drop them here or PM me ;)


also if there are more unique RN schemes out there I am definately open to a rethink





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I'm riveted to my chair and will be following every step of the way. I do remember so many years ago on LSP when we met as you recreated a gem from the old Hobbycraft kit. It's so hard to comprehend your progress to date - faster then I build a kit OOB. I've only built two Sea Fury's: The Fisher 32nd kit and the Airfix 48th scale kit and each sits front and center in my display case. For me, the Sea Fury looks and power is the Queen of the Skies.  

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Thank you Peter - very kind :)


I went to make a basic cockpit tub from 3D and once printed I needed to make some adjustments...


while I was at it, I got a bit carried away..


















still lots to do, but a great canvas, even if it is cheating a bit :)




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OMG, just incredible detail and workmanship. 

There is a new 32nd scale Sea Fury coming our way and when it becomes available, I absolutely buy a kit and dig into the build. Of course, your build will easily be my guide and research.


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hey guys :)



bit more done...


..I had done such a rudimentary job on the engine, so even though very little can be seen, I added what I could..




the fuselage formers were bulked out with hard foam and all the template outlines blacked out with a sharpie so I can see the sanding thresholds later.. also added some card formers to help shape the exhaust area around the nose..







I made up a 3D part to lock all the features of the wings together with the spars and dihedral on the outer wing panels and made up ribs from 2mm card..







..and the wings & airframe start to take shape - it looks like an air racer without the last few ribs and the wingtips..
















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What type of dark grey putty do you use?

I'm curious as I see the foam filler and the styrene formers you have marked with sharpie.

If you sand down until you see sharpie lines won't the filler be so thin at that point it will have no strength?  Unless the foam is harder than it looks...

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