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  1. I wish! Never saw any review of it... or a build log! If Artesania is listening, I could do it!! but its available already: https://artesanialatina.net/en/model-aircraft/62090-metal-plastic-aircraft-model-messerschmitt-bf-109-german-fighter-1-16.html
  2. By the way, which lighting kit set do you have?
  3. Yes, for me, lighting is a must on this!!! I saw some made on the internet, and its look fantastic!
  4. Hi Carl. Do you have the link? I also have a Star Destroyer!!
  5. Congrats to all for making the LSM Christmas Raffle a fantastic event!! @Krow @Winnie @Recon please PM me!
  6. I would like be adding these if possible Ernie!
  7. Hi Guys Im starting to collecting reference for my next buil: 1:48 B-29. Its the "new" revell kit which is the old 1977 monogram... Its has raised panel lines and I was looking for some plans to see all the panels to replicate in lower panel lines... Thanks in advance!
  8. What a collection!!! Fantastic mate!! Soooo many good things!!
  9. wow!!! i would love to see your collection!!! Craftworks!! I have a P-40C (started one) that I got on ebay 10 years ago! Alpha Flight had some really nice kits and also not shake and bake ones!
  10. Cant wait to see more of this!! Please continue!!
  11. Nice buy! Those sheets look lovely as all Aviattic stuff.. I have only one WnW Fokker Fok and I already have the schem fr it... otherwise, I would be all other this sheet!
  12. looks stunning mate!!! Great job!!!
  13. hum... I dont like it... It´s too much and without too much sense.. Looks like that the chipping was used to cover the all black monotony.
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