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  1. I have to do a master degree soon, as Im going to rescribe a 1:48 B-29. I have been using Dymo tape and some Scale Modelling Aircraft rule with some templates and a chinese (unbrand) scriber. Now, I got Hasegawa tools (several templates) and a scriber. I got them at a good price at www.sealmodel.com Fran
  2. Love it I really like the Stuka!!
  3. It doesn´t say but I presumed that are al in 1:32 right?
  4. Congrats!! Awesome!! So beautifull!!
  5. Well, I didnt see this coming... 1:48 Dornier Do X by... Hph Models!!! http://shop.hphmodels.cz/en/model-kits-in-scale-148/213-dornier-do-x.html
  6. I miss this post nad share the same news on other post. Anyway, I´m not very excited with F4-b... I would prefer a... 109!?? Kidding!!! The B is already made by Academy... This Tamiya f-4 will hit 70 to 100 € price tag and probably ZM woudl have plan to launch a B soon... I would prefer to see Tamiya making their magic in other thing... for instance F-15...A-10... Fran
  7. Well, the 3 biggest boxs in my stash would be the Trumpeter 1:16 Pz IV, Felix-W-29 duellist and the biggest the Italeri 1:35 SCHNELLBOOT S-100.
  8. Tamiya news for 2021! 1/48 McDonnell Douglas™ F-4B Phantom II™ 1/35 German Tank Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.G (Early Production) 1/35 German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkraftrad (Mid-production) 1/24 Scale Nissan Fairlady 240ZG https://www.tamiya.com/japan/featuredreleases_early2021.html That Phantom and the new tool Pz IV Ausf. G!!!!
  9. Yeah... looks very very good!!! Really tempted also!
  10. I always loved the F.W. Triebflugel!! I have made in 1:72 Huma Model one but this in 1:35 is on my wihlist!
  11. Love it!! Those extras make the whole model much more appealling! Great work!
  12. Thanks so much Carl!!! They look amazing, with keen surface detail... And you got love the little Millenium Falcon.
  13. Yes, Its a full article build of it... It took me four long years, in and out the bench..
  14. Sorry guys but I very excited!! I made the cover of the MiM Aircraft Edition!! I know was not with a Large Scale Model or a Large Model but nonethless I`m really proud about it!! Fran
  15. Now from our friends from Special Hobby to be available this month: Tempest Mk. V fuselage fuel tank and oils tanks - 1:32
  16. Keeping modelling news 2021 hot here`s one from Buchon Models: Hispano Me-109 E conversion for 1:32 Me-109 Eduard kit.
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