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  1. Nice to see a Classic Nichimo build and in a very good way!
  2. Thanks!! That`s good news I think! Any new tool (good kit) is good news!
  3. and i cant forget this "new" from Miniart! I really like their Tram and I have one that i reviewc here on LSM. Its a totaly different thing that could look awesome in your colection!
  4. Your Talent and Quinta Studio AM really makes the difference!! Looks great!!
  5. love it!! awesome work with a outstandng presentation.. love the base!
  6. ahh.. and Border still keep them coming!! MobelWagen!!
  7. Well, some others modelling news... This time from Academy F-4 1:32 - I saw that this is probably not a new tool but a Revell Re-box. and also
  8. I have a D version to make with all AM for it!! (almost all...) Got it from our friend Hubert!
  9. Looks like the that Razor Crest is made by Revell!
  10. Yes... besides the SR-71 in :48 (new Tool) and the Razor Crest in 1:72... all others are re-pops...
  11. and This one I had to have it in a separate post!!! For all Star WArs fans and Mandalorian nuts, the RAZOR CREST in 1:72!!!!! Only in October 2021.
  12. And heres some Revell news: The Gladiator as I already mention: A probably Kinetic mold in REvell box: Bae Hawk T2 A "new" Fieseler Fi 103 V1 (Cooperation with Special Hobby) And for me the most wanted for me: 1:48 SR-71!! As for 1:35, nothing really new: 1:35 Panther (exICM) T-34/85 (cooperation with ICM) MAN 7t Milgl. Re-intro A Luchs with some diorama base included.. And in a big scale, a 1:9 K├╝belwagen Type 82 (in Platinum Edition) Speaking of big models, a HMS Dreadnought (Cooperation Zvezda) is also on the way:
  13. Hi folks!! Well its the first day of 2021 and we already have a few great news of upcoming releases!! We could use this topic for post all news that will appear this yes... But for now we already got announced for this year 1:32 P-40B from Great Wall Hobby 1:35 (YES, 1:35) - Bf-109 G-6 from Border Models 1:35 (YES , 1:35) - JU-87G also from Border Models. Also saw on Revell newsletter that they are reissuing the 1:32 Gloster Gladiator (ICM models). A very good start!!
  14. The elegant Pfalz D.IIIa!! and very well done Sir!!
  15. Fast and furious!!! Nice ones!!
  16. Love it!! Its 1.35 or 1:16?
  17. I wish! Never saw any review of it... or a build log! If Artesania is listening, I could do it!! but its available already: https://artesanialatina.net/en/model-aircraft/62090-metal-plastic-aircraft-model-messerschmitt-bf-109-german-fighter-1-16.html
  18. By the way, which lighting kit set do you have?
  19. Yes, for me, lighting is a must on this!!! I saw some made on the internet, and its look fantastic!
  20. Hi Carl. Do you have the link? I also have a Star Destroyer!!
  21. Congrats to all for making the LSM Christmas Raffle a fantastic event!! @Krow @Winnie @Recon please PM me!
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