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  1. and news keep coming... For late 2022, form Aviattic: 1/32 Pfalz DVIII, multi-media kit. and from our friend HK models, a new Lancasterversion: Grand Slam. Soon on LSM for full review.
  2. Oh boy... Its already on pre-order on Modelbau Konig....
  3. The Viggen looks awesome! My eyes are on Draken and Stilleto.
  4. OMG!! Take care and get well soon Harv.
  5. Love it!! Great work! All it needs now is a terrain (base)!
  6. And some main stores are accepting pre-order... The price is not nice....599€... https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/en/Aircraft/Aircraft-Models-1-24-1-32/Allied-aircrafts-WW2-1-24-1-32/Royal-AF-Commonw-AF-aircrafts-WWII-1-24-1-32/Avro-Lancaster-B-Mk-I-III-with-full-Interior?fbclid=IwAR1HWquzwhKsKdd2XRuQCoR_mHT1SDdPMLq53SEpUrB9rg53PbL3aIJ2WA0
  7. Indeed... Its the same that would be used in Wnw boxart... I wonder if Border will launch the other WnW Lancaster version...
  8. get well soon Harv! Cheers Fran
  9. Great deal... pity to be on USA...
  10. Nice prices! Just on the wrong side of the pond!
  11. Thanks for the review!! Great book indeed!
  12. Thanks so much for the review!! Great work of a great book!
  13. Hi Phil. I have done the "new" Revell 1:48 B-25, which is the old and very good mold from Accurete Miniature.
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