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  1. Lovely!! I really like this little plane!! I have the Mirage one in 1:48 with all AM for it but I´m eager to get my hands on this one!
  2. My "avatar" picture it`s me and my oldest daughter almost 10 years ago... So here you go: RAF Cosford Museum in 2018.
  3. Great bargain!!! I will follow this one!! Love the Mustang and i always wonder which one is the best: Tamiya or Z&M? I have neither one so...
  4. Nice work!! I like it! I will get the Eduard Special Edition in February of the ICM kit!
  5. From FlyingS Model I don`t know nothing more about this...
  6. I will donate a 1:32 Fly Natter and something else... I just need to check!
  7. Resin! LukGraph made very good looking resin kits. The price will be around 120/140€.
  8. Thank you for your kind words!! We are always learning while we are living!
  9. I will get one... and I will make some wip... I doubt that you will learn something but I try to make a WIP!
  10. LukGraph announced today a 1:32 Friedrichshafen FF.33L !! I just went to modelling heaven!!!! It will be out, probably in January 2021!
  11. Balaton Lada Niva! A full not easy resin kit!! Looks awesome! The only one I saw build was in a José Brito Diorama! Fran
  12. No idea!! Nothing has come out more... probably KH just give up on this..
  13. I like it!! The elements disposition is quite well achieved! Great work!
  14. Fran

    My twin

    Really really Cool!!!
  15. This is utterly gorgeous! How I have been missing it??? Its a great great work and very inspiring. I have my Gotha in the doom shelf waiting for better days!
  16. Well, for me, it´s the dust when I getting the oils on the sufarce... I really dont know where it comes from!! Pff.. I also dont like scribing, as I`m always expecting that everything goes wrong.
  17. Thanks. The wood fuselage was made with oils. Cheers Fran
  18. Hi guys Here`s my Albatros D.V "red hood, tail and wings" Jasta 11, 2 to 6 July, This particulary plane was the one that Manfred von Richthofen was shot down. He was shot in the headnd severly wounded while attaking a FE. 2dof the 20 Squadron. It was believe that four days earlier while flying this plane he got his 57th victory on 2 July. A full article will be on Scale Aircraft Modelling (SAM) next year! Fran
  19. 1:72 Babibi Model Decals A-400 M ($22) C-160 Transall ($16) Babibi Model is a new name for me I discovered when I was looking for decals for my current project, A-400M Grizzly, which I find myself doing for Scale Aircraft Modeling. I had never seen and found any reviews regarding the quality of the decals, even so, I decided to order the A400 sheet, having the surprise that the brand new Babibi Model decal sheet, C-160 D Transall for Revell kit, was in the same envelope. Here we will analyze both. First of all, the presentation of the decals is very professional and very interesting. The decals come in a plasticized paper wrap and with transparency on one side to see the inside. The back has all the general instructions for decal application. These instructions are in fact general and applicable to all decals, it is always important to remember the general principles of decal application. In this case, there is no specific rule for applying these decals. Analyzing the decal sheets, the color registration is great and the definition of the details is one of the best I've seen. The decals have a thin film, in fact looking very thin and delicate. Starting with the A-400M sheet, it is a sheet that costs 22 dolares (not really cheap) but provides 6 different options namely: - A-400M First Plane of Turaf “KocaYusuf” - A-400M Altas Zm409 With Airborn 16 Tail Arts - A-400M Royal Air Force - A-400M Armé de LʻAir -A-400M Malaysian Air Forces - A-400M 60 Years of Luftwaffe (a misprint on the profile ) As you can see, the tail arts are very well defined and will undoubtedly give a more colorful look to your A-400M thus breaking the monotonous gray. Beside all the markings and letters, Babibi Models sheet also gives you, concerning the RAF several other numbers to make almost an entire fleet. Now let's look at the C-160 sheet. This decal sheet has only two options but very good choices: -C-160 D Transall TURAF Ex-Ankara Museum Turkey - C-160 51 + 1 “Silberne Gams” - Germany Both options are very colorful and just like the A400 sheet, the color registration is of enormous quality, and very fine, having everything to go well during the application. The decals for the German version won me over right away and are very cute despite being a little more complicated to get the desired results considering the size of the decal of the cause and then the extra color of black to be painted by the modeler to blend the black as on the real plane. Conclusion: Well, Babibi Model is a very good surprise for me. The presentation of the decals (on the envelope) and the decals themselves are the best I've ever seen. The colors and the fineness of the decals are noteworthy for their quality. The guidelines given when placing the decals are sufficient and perfectly noticeable to any model designer. The only less positive point that I glimpse is the fact that none of the planes have any historical background, not even a small sentence. My thanks to Babibi Model for producing these fantastic decals and for the C-160 review sample. Francisco Guedes
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