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  1. Really nice workon a hard kit!
  2. Happy Birthday mate!! sorry for being a bit late!!
  3. Wow!! That´s some nice scratch work here!! As expected coming form you mate! But you know, probably, when you will be near the end, someone will release a new Manchester in 1:48...
  4. Thanks for the conversion.... Well, its "smaller" that I thought! The HpH Me-323 is bigger!
  5. Really sad... My condolences to the family!
  6. Last year, in Telford (2018), Hph had the Sm-79 mock up in display. Now On plastic probably will be less expensive.
  7. Hum... For me sounds good... For much I enjoy HpH choices, they are quite expensive... I couldnt resist the Catalina Cutway and their Hornet but that was it... Unfortunally I let go the he-111 Cutway conversion... So, Ifinity is a good news. Fran
  8. Count me in Ern, thanks. Let me see what do I have in my stash! Fran
  9. PLUSMODEL Big Wicker Baskets (12 resin pieces) Catalogue n.º 537 Price tag: $20/€14 – directly from Plusmodel Once again, here I am reviewing another set of Wicker Baskets… this time some bigger ones. As usual, the quality behind all Plusmodel is top noch. All the parts come with the usual packing, in small paper boxes with the parts wrap in bubbles plastic. The set of Big Wicker Baskets are used in everywhere in the world and for a very long time, so you can use this in a XVIII diorama, a WWI ou WWII or even a Vietnam diorama. So you practically can use it everywhere. In the box, you find 6 different types of wickers baskets, only four of them are duplicated. Has I said in the other review, I’m overwhelmed by the parts details. The texture, the wick interlace is really notice and very well done in realistic manner. The small details as handles and lid are cast in separate parts, which is quite good as its gives the modeller much more display options. There aren’t any in this set and is not really need it. Conclusion What can I say?? A perfect set for any diorama modeler that would like some extra detail. This set is just jaw-dropping. I know it´s simple set but the detail finesse and real look of the wicker is too good to be true. What do you want more? VERY VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Our truly thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples.
  10. Well... That would be Wingnut Wings!! AEG G.IVk Or a Gotha G.V or the holy grail: Friedrichshafen G.III
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