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  1. Crusader - Tamiya 1:48 - wtih Hauler detail set (1:48) - 24€ Aichi Val- Revell 1:48 - 19€ Nakagima Kate - 1:48 Hasegawa - 27€ Gloster Gladiator - Roden (with Airwaves detail set) - 20€ Etch Mate - Mission Models - 25 € M1A - 1:35 Dragon with set Big ED - 75€ He-111 - H8 - Ballon Cutter - Hasegawa 1:72 - 35€ Dicker Max - Dragon 1:35 - 39 € M-151 A2 Mutt - 1:35 Academy - 9 € Stryker M1128 MGS - 1:35 AFV Club - 39€ Yw-531A - 1:35 Bronco Models - 27€ UAE BMP-3 - 1:35 Trumpeter - 29€ Ship worlwide at cost. Paypal only. Its possiblçe hand delivery at SMW 2018 in Telford.
  2. I would love but its way out of my budget!! Best of luck with the sale!!
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    Telford 2018

    I will be there... Just couldn't miss WnW first official appearance in Europe!
  4. Fallen Stars 1: Crashed, Damaged & Captured Aircraft of the USAAF Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing Price: 22,75€ (EU price) At LSM we had the pleasure to read, view and review several past titles from Canfora Publishing, like the Wingspan Vol. I, Vol.II, Rare Wheels, T-60 and others. Today we have in hands a new title series: Fallen Stars, which is the vol. I written by Tom Leamlein. The idea is to compilate the best pictures of fallen aircraft and most of then are totally new to me. Like others books from Canfora as Wingspan, this one is produced in soft-cover landscape format with 128 glossy pages. All the pictures are in black and white with the glorious exception of the one on the back cover. This volume its only about USAAF airplanes, or after crash landing or in repair, or in move from retirement Several types are covered in this order: Lockheed P-38 Lightning Bell P-39 Airacobra Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (P-40B/C & E) Republic P-47 Thunderbolt (Bubbletop & Razorback) North American P-51 Mustang (P-51B/C & D) Northrop P-61 Black Widow Douglas A-20 Havoc Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Consolidated B-24 Liberator North American B-25 Mitchell Martin B-26 Marauder Boeing B-29 Superfortres Conclusion Is the book a good value for the modeler? Yes as it give the modelers, besides inspiration for new projects, very good and useful pictorial information of the airplanes in large and good resolution pictures. For me, it as works as an inspiration as I just have several new future project in my head... thanks Canfora! Thanks to Toni and Canfora Publishing for the review sample. Fran
  5. Here`s some pics of the new 1:32 Nieuport XVII from Copper State Models.
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    Punch and Die Set

    Thanks!! I already got the RP ones!
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    Jerry Rutman P-51B build

    Its awesome to see these models being build!!
  8. Pardelhas

    OOB Gotha G.lV

    I didnt know it!! looks stunning!! I have mine in the doom of shelf... shame on me...
  9. Building the Wingnut Wings JUNKERS D.I By Ray Rimmel WWI Modelling Special n.º 6 Available in http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/ The "Building the Wingnut Wings" series are already a mark and a must to all WnW models. There were several titles already and all of then were and are a reference in the way you can build a WnW like a master. This title is in the same editorial and design line as all others so you get lots of details and explicit text of how to do it all step of the build, accompanied with construction pics (which I would like that would be bigger) and some very nice detail shots of the real aircraft taken from various museum type. The model in deep on the volume is the new Junkers D.I. In fact, for what I read from modelers that already build this one, is that the D.I is probably the easiest model from WnW. So let`s see what this book has to give us. The cover is the Ray`s WnW D.I with some digital work on the back, showing the Ray`s great work and the D.I quality. So, along 43 pages, Ray brings us six sections: Part I – Inside the box; Part II – Building the WnW Junkers D.I Part III – Marty Digmayer`s Pull Out 1:32 scale Plans Part IV – Harry Woodman`s Junkers Archive Part V – The Sole Survivor Part VI – Appendices & Dedication The part I is an inbox review with pictures of the model sprues. The Part II, Ray described all the construction on this simple kit. Some good information is given with illustrations of the elevator (from Practical Flying) that can be used for super detailing. A special focus on detailing the engine Daimler-Mercedes180HP D.IIIa with the Taurus detail set and barracuda studios intake manifold. Some nice tips and some fantastic details pictures of the real thing. Finishing the chapter, some good tips to get a good camouflage result, paints used and 3 beautifully profiles. Part IV are some very useful 1:32 Junkers D.I pull-out plans from Marty Digmasyer with starboard side view, underside view, plan view, front view and port side view. Part IV is for me, the main part of this manual with some fantastic historical pictures from Harry Woodman`s Junkers Archive. Some of them, is a great reference. Part 5 is a walkaround of the sole survivor in Le Grand Gallerie of the Musee de l`Air e I L`Espace at Le Bourget, France. While the lacking of armament and strange markings, it´s the only game in town. The last but not the least, the part 6 is the dedication, more than deserved to Harry Woodman and the aftermarket accessories that give a good perspective of what you can buy to enhance your D.I. And to finish in high, some aeronautical engineering information and drawings of the D.I. CONCLUSION: The theme of the title was a surprise for me, mainly because of the subject and the model itself does not offer any particular difficulty to the modeler, being a perfect model to enter in the WnW Word. However, the info inside, the plans, the 1:32 camouflage drawings and the technical info are super and a really add up to your build. So if you want to get more info about the D.I that allows to add up the details on your model, just buy it. It’s well worth it. Review copy compliments of Ray Rimell at Albatros Productions.
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    LF: 1/35 railway flat car

    Sorry I cant be no help but the pic is awesome!!!
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    CA Glue Applicator

    Thanks for the review. I will get one of this as it perfect for rigging. Fran
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    Mig-9 LEM

    awesome project!! please keep coming!!