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  1. PLUSMODEL Diorama Accessories Sets (U.S. Army stands, garage equipament, modern bags, workshop gate and footbridge) Available from Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text Well, it`s that time again, the time that we have the lucky to see and review the Plusmodel new items. Again and again Plusmodel bring us quality and originality. All sets are in 1:35 and they come in the standard Plusmodel box (plain boxes and struy boxes from workshop gate and footbridge) being the full build model the box art. All of the items very well packaged, with the all the parts coming inside of a bubble bag. U.S. Army Jacks stands (98 resin pieces and 3 photo-etched partes and one decal sheet) #499 Price tag: 25,90$ (18,20€) – here directly from Plusmodel. The set is the most complex one of all that we have for review. And yes, there`s 96 resin parts and most of it are quite delicate ones. The resin cames in gray colour with no bubbles or distroction. High quality as always with Plusmodel. A saw must be use to remove the parts form the resin blocks with extra care. The assembly instructions must be carefully study because the construction is not quite straightforward. The PE sheet is very small in the usual Plusmodel quality Modern Bags (10 resin pieces and one decal sheet) #465 Price tag: 23$ (16,30€) – here directly from Plusmodel. This set is most welcome to all modern diorama modellers. 10 bagsvery well cast in gray resin with no bubbles or distortions, with very little to clean. Just need to remove the resin cast block and the parts are ready to paint. The details on the bags is very good with treats, zippers, cloth hanging out. Very useful little details set at a very nice price. [URL=http://s104.photobucket.com/user/Pardelhas/media/IMG_3734_zpsjolcgfyg.jpg.html][IMG=http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m186/Pardelhas/IMG_3734_zpsjolcgfyg.jpg][/URL] There`s no instruction and there´s no need for any. About the colour guide, well, these can be painted with any colour… Just need some pictures of the real thing and just your imagination. Garage Equipment (51 resin pieces, photo-etched sheet and one decal sheet) #497 Price tag: 33,80$ (23,70€) – here directly from Plusmodel. This set is my favourite one of this review. As you can see from the box art, on this set we can get a tool box (with the tools inside like wrenches), a tool chester, an oil extractor and a small rounded compressor. As always and I becoming repeting myself over and over again, the resin is very well cast being most part of it very fragile as they represent small details. The cleaning should be quite easy being only the resin cast block and some flash. The most easy cleaning part should be the tool chester. The instructions are the typical ones from Plusmodel, simple drawings but quite perceptible and intuitive and on this case are most needed because all the equipment have some complexity in the construction. The decals are very well printed, with words that look quite alike on the real photos The PE parts are very good quality and I still did not found who made then for Plusmodel or if it is self production. Workshop Gate #503 Laser carved hard paper and photoetched sheet Price tag: 19$ (14€) – here directly from Plusmodel. Two workshop doors, just to be in the floor are abandoned or destroyed ones. The come with two sheets of hard paper, laser marked. The Plusmodel website said the is wooden laser but I really don’t think its wood but hard and sturdy some kind of paper. A small PE sheet with small details like handles and key holes. *** Footbridge #501 Laser carved wood parts Price tag: 30$ (21,10€) – here directly from Plusmodel. Plusmodel mastered laser carved wood, and they simply can do anything like this footbridge or windmill. A very realistic one, on real wood with some very good scale dimension and this is also a truly model kit at his own…. Likewise the shed, this does have instructions and the indication and drawings of all parts. The structural parts are in thick wooden while the walking structure is in laser cut wood and therefore quite thin and fragile Conclusion: These sets of accessories for dioramas translate once again well Plusmodel philosophy: originality, quality and versatility. The quality is of the highest level, with castings at most higher standard and detail is one of the best in modeling world. Everything is there to help you to make some great diorama with that little extra that highlight your work and make it stand out from others. Very Highly recommended With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for this review sample. To purchase directly, click this link. Francisco Guedes
  2. This prize is given by WnW directly and the choice is from Richard Alexander. And here`s the email received with the choice: "Hi Fran, Winner is the Junkers J.1 box diorama. Modeller can contact me directly to choose any 2 seater model from our current range (excluding duellists)." CONGRATS MICHAEL! Please do enter in contact with WnW, directly with Richard Alexander and mention WnWFans/LSM GB. For the other prizes, I wil give some news due soon I hope. Cheers Fran
  3. Great review! This "set" is quite original and also on my wishlist.
  4. Really nice work!!
  5. wingnut wings

    Great review Jim. Those decals are quite fantastic!
  6. Fantastic work! love it!
  7. wingnut wings

    Perfect review!!! The Ship´s Camel is on the top to buy list!!!
  8. 1:32 WWI RAF/RFC Towing Trailer AVIATTIC (catalogue n.º ATTKIT004) Price Tag – £ 55 (22 resin parts, PE sheet with 47 parts) Aviattic is a very well know name in WWI modelling world! Their produtcs are always top noch about originality and detail. Richard from Aviattic is a devoted modeler and a WWI passionate so all their projects will come at their very best and a truly dedicate product. The love for their products is well patent on all their work. Today we are going to take a look into their new RAF/RFC Towing trailer. This little resin kit that comes in medium hard plastic box with foam inside to protect all the resin parts. No chance to break or damaged the resin pieces. The packing is highly professional. Opening the plastic box, you get 22 resin parts and a quite big PE sheet with several parts in a total of 47 parts. The casting system is a topnotch in all resin manufacture. You got a good quality grey resin, with some flash that need to be remove. The only bigger problem is on the wheels rims. All the flash inside the rims will not be easy to clean but be assuring that our example is a pre-production item that was given to us at Telford so the final production batch does not have this little outcome. However the wheels are very well casted and with lots of small details on the rims and tyres. This set has no instructions in paper but there`s a photo instructions that you can check in here. A few examples of pics of that photo instructions so you can see that is quite comprehensive and easy to follow. This trailer does have lots of details not only giving be the resin texture but also the several PE parts that gives a lot of “living” to this one. The large trailer bed is in one single resin piece with several details like nuts and bolts and wood veins. A quite impressive detail and casting work. And as you can see very little cleaning whatsoever. Simply amazing. All other resin parts are in very good shape of casting with no bubbles or distortions with lovely details like the springs, tool box, lamps and several hooks and handles. Passing on the the PE sheet, this one comes in natural cooper with makes it more annealing friendly (at least for me). For the maneability of it, it look quite easy to work with, being the more difficult one the mudgards. All the downside structure and weight support is made from PE making a bit complex and working part but easy to do by the intermediate modeler. For inspiration, Aviattic give a small flyer with a pic with a Alb D.V on the top of trailer being towed. CONCLUSION: Well, this release is simply fabulous. The diorama ideas are more than many… You don’t believe it? Check it out.: Aviattic has been in the past few years a manufacture that every WWI modeler love because Aviattic produce some great produts. This trailer is just a perfect excuse to make a WnW with no rigging and no wings and it’s a perfect match to Aviattic truck (Marienfelde" Lorry). I can highly recommend the fuel cart to all but novice modeler. THANKS AVIATTIC FOR DOING THIS TRAILER. Very High Recommend Our truly and sincere thanks to Richard from Aviattic for the sample and for making these fantastic WWI accessories.
  9. wingnut wings

    LOOOOOOVE IT!!! Great review as always mate!
  10. fantastic review of a great stuff.. That was totally unknown to me... But it looks great! tempting!
  11. Hi Danny. If you try those MRP please tell me your opinion. Curious to see that MRP have two variants of Clear Doped Linen...
  12. Great review! Having already build this particularly version of the WnW camel, its a very very good kit! Just go for it!
  13. Trumpeter

    Now that I bought the Anton, I will have to get this one also!
  14. this one will be epic... just epic....
  15. wow... my friend you really nail it!! My favourite!! your best model for sure!!