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  1. Resin! LukGraph made very good looking resin kits. The price will be around 120/140€.
  2. Thank you for your kind words!! We are always learning while we are living!
  3. I will get one... and I will make some wip... I doubt that you will learn something but I try to make a WIP!
  4. LukGraph announced today a 1:32 Friedrichshafen FF.33L !! I just went to modelling heaven!!!! It will be out, probably in January 2021!
  5. Balaton Lada Niva! A full not easy resin kit!! Looks awesome! The only one I saw build was in a José Brito Diorama! Fran
  6. No idea!! Nothing has come out more... probably KH just give up on this..
  7. I like it!! The elements disposition is quite well achieved! Great work!
  8. Really really Cool!!!
  9. This is utterly gorgeous! How I have been missing it??? Its a great great work and very inspiring. I have my Gotha in the doom shelf waiting for better days!
  10. Well, for me, it´s the dust when I getting the oils on the sufarce... I really dont know where it comes from!! Pff.. I also dont like scribing, as I`m always expecting that everything goes wrong.
  11. Thanks. The wood fuselage was made with oils. Cheers Fran
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