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  1. This is a totally new thing for me... but its does look great... however I always think thatit could be difficult to match the color with the rest of the cockpit and hats why I never used eduard cockpit color PE... But I admit that`s probably my problem!
  2. 1:48 Polikarpov I-1 От ивна Catalogue #4801 Available from modelstroy@mail.ru for 65€ I got knowledge of this new release from this entirely new russian company on Facebook, and got in touch with Maxim, creator and owner of this new brand that called От ивна. Translating from Russian you got “Otivna”, that means…well according to Maxim is something like “ignition” for I could told from Maxim message. So a new manufacture in 1:48 launching the first Russian monoplane fighter, the Polikarpov I-1. The Polikarpov I-1 was the first indigen
  3. Love it mate. Thanks for the great review!!
  4. WILDE SAU Episode One: Ring of Fire Eduard Limited Edition #11140 1:48 Scale plastic Kit DUAL COMBO (Quick Review) It’s been quite some time that I don’t get my hands in a Eduard model kit. Well probably since 2014, nothing against Eduard, by the contrary, but I was in another modelling wave. When I saw this combo package announced I knew that I would have to have it. Its arrived this week… excited.. First impression is WOW!!! The boxart is beautfitull with the most famous Bf109 from JG300. This package is exclusive with Bf-
  5. Very sorry to hear, my condolences.
  6. Thanks guys! All clear now, we hope!
  7. Hi Night Baron. I would love to see pictures of your work, as I have that exact model in the shelf of doom.
  8. Wow Fantastic Build!! That propeller looks amazing?? How did you do it? Did you use crayons or color pencils?
  9. Hi Bob Just contact Oleg directly by email: osrexxxx768@gmail.com Tell him that you got his contact from me or LSM. The catalog is quite good and everything looks available as is make on demand. Fran
  10. Hobby Elements Tools https://storehobbyelements.com/products Hobby Elements has been around from quite sometime and have some really good tools. Here I will just introduce you two tools: Molding Flash Sander Micro flat Files These tools are fantastic and very useful for any modeler, of any skills. Just leave you several pcitures of theses beauties in action. Note that the Molding Flash Sander is prepare to work with an electric Dremel Drill but I use it without and also works. The piece that I working is a resin bomb c
  11. PLUSMODEL U.S. Telephone Trailer K-38 (catalogue n.º 538) Available from Plusmodel 17 resin parts, PE sheet and decals Prize tag:15.70€/22,40$ Plusmodel is the most prolific 1:35 model company of diorama accessories and we are lucky that over the past years, we having the privilege to have the opportunity of reviewing several sets. So for today, we got a telephone trailer! First of all, a little bit of history: “Although the K-38 is cited as produced by various manufacturers;[1] the SNL-G-685 parts list[2
  12. LukGraph has release two Dragon Rapide, one of them in Scottish version. I haven´t see the profiles from this version so LukGraph send us pic of the second scottish version. Cheers
  13. Harv, I have been told that this weekend on the FB page it will be some sales! So its a good chance to take some.
  14. ReXx Exhaust 1:32 Albatros D.V/D.Va AEG G.IV Roland D.VIb Today we have are taking a look to the new items form ReXx catalogue, all in 1:32 scale. ReXx produce exhaust from metal "galvanically”. I really have no idea how theses beauties are produce but it´s my first time I look in flesh to these exhaust so it’s really a premiere for me. Today we will be looking to the latest ReXx release: AEG G.IV and Roland Vb exhaust in 1:32, suitable directly to Wingnut Wings and Albatros D.V/DVa also for Wingnut Wings. Looking
  15. PLUSMODEL BEER BARRELS Catalogue n.º 536 Price: €13,07 Available from Plusmodel here Plusmodel is my favourite diorama accessories manufacture in modelling world as they do allied quality with originality. If your project is a vignette or a diorama, then Plusmodel is your solution. Even if you need beer!! Barrels beers. His set is quite simple: perfect resin with no bubble, easy block cast to remove, perfect casting and detail. You get 10 barrels all equal (my samples has
  16. True! Well observed. But I think that could be possible to make it, without over do it as from pictures, they are not very weighted.
  17. True Hubert!! Theses little pieces have some of the best resin details I ever seen, really exquisite detail
  18. 1:32 A-10 wheels set Res.Kit Catalogue RS320002 Available from Res.Kit for $12,80 For Trumpeter A-10) Res.Kit is a new name for me. I found them on facebook and just went to their website. A quite good variety for wheels and details sets offer from this Ukrainian manufactures. I also found 3 set of figures and equipament, mainly for aircraft (very few sets in 1:35). I was keen to see their product in flesh so I plunge in and order several set (1:48 F-177 wheels, 1:48 Hellcat wheels, 1:35 Mi Mil 35 wheels etc). Here I just got to ma
  19. I have a few Zotz decas and they look fantastic. Lets hope for the best for Eli!
  20. Really nice!! Looking forward to your build log as I have one of those in my stash waiting.
  21. Building the Wingnut Wings HALBERSTADT CL.II By Ray Rimmel WWI Modelling Special n.º 9 Available at http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/ Now we are reviewing the latest issue of the series The "Building the Wingnut Wings"" series by Ray Rimell, owner of Windsock. And this one is about one of my favourite WWI aircraft: Halberstadt CL.II. This title is in the same editorial and design line as all others so you get lots of details and explicit text of how to do it all step of the build, accompanied with construction pics (which
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