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Polikarpov I-16 without paint

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Hi guys,


Even though rigging the Dh9a is a lot of fun  :mellow: I started thinking of my next project.

This will be the Special Hobby I-16. But without paint. Showing the materials it was made off.

Wood, linen, aluminium and putty.

I'm using:


• Fab Resin wheels

• Renaissance model resin cockpit

• Vector resin engine and cowling (full engine set)


This is what I found online so far:






If anyone has any info.... please share!


What i still need to get is the Renaissance models ailerons and rudder set.

And some Uschi wood grain decals ofcourse!






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WOW !  I for one can't wait.  Anything you need, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Hi Grant,

Yes. Actually I need Uschi wood decals. But i also need some old prop lozenge.

Just need to check if the Rumpler had 4 or 5 colour lozenge.... hmmm

I'll just order the Wood decals right now from Arrow!

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Hahaha!! Thanks Jeroen your custom is always appreciated, order already placed for more Old Propeller decals .. and a couple of wooden propellers to have a look at too.  

Will re-order Uschi's decals tomorrow!

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Hey Johann, have any similar wealth of knowledge for the MiG-3? I've got basics, but the layout of the wood on the wings and aft fuselage is basically a giant mass of tan in the references I've got.

Yes, there is, but then do not forget that the MiG-3 LaGG-3 and Yak-1 okleivayut percale wood pieces and covered with a layer of lacquer

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Thanks Johann - it's exactly the areas labelled "plywood" that I'm curious about, since there's no way they were just one-piece slabs of plywood. I've got enough of a hint of what's going on on the wings I think (see the thread HERE), but the images I've found of the fuselage are in no way helpful since it looks like the plywood's already been covered.


Jeroen - sorry to threadjack!

You are interested in is the location of toolbars?

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