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Tamiya 1/6 honda cb 750

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Reminds me of my bike, went abroad working for 10 years and left the Honda covered in grease and covered in dust sheets, got back and though a quick touch up and away we would go. Mine was the SOHC CB750.

The reality was a lot different and resulted in a 2 year total rebuild, here is the frame after I had stripped the bike down, you seem to have got the rust in all the right places !.


It turned out well though.







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How am I missing all these great builds ! Looks fantastic!. I had a custom 650 Honda in a harly frame I built , loved it. Also a GPZ 550 that you couldn't hurt. Last bike was my first new bike was a Honda RR600RR. GOD I LOVED THAT BIKE....harv.  ( sorry for stepping on your post)

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More updates.

I loved these kits so much I've built most of them more than once.

I must admit I felt a bit peed off I put this and another on ebay and I got £4.70 for both of them I decided I would rather bin models after that, I thought I might have got enough to buy another kit from those 2








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