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1/32 Trumpeter ME 262A A-1a

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                     Hello All!  Heres a quick over view of Herman's work ,,, 1/32 Trumpeter Me262 A-1a with Eduard BigEd add on,, it will be styled after the "Red Four" oob as Herman likes the camo scheme,,,


















                                 With the office complete the gun bay was finished and plumbed.........................
























                                     Onward too the engines and remote radio .....





















                                     As always thanks for lookin!!  :)  More to come,,,,,,,,,,,

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                                                Hello All and thanks for the kind words all around!!   Herman wants the engines exposed and the doors to the gun bay and remote radio to be open,,  working on the wheelbay,, some more hydro line to run and some more detail and we will be close to paint,,,,


                                                                                  More to come,,,   Thanks for lookin!!  :)





















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                                                                Hello All and thanks again!!   Herman busied up the wheelbays some more so nearing primer time ,,


                                                                                       More to come and Thanks for lookin!!    :)



















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This is one of Trumpeter's best, and you're doing a great job.


So glad to see you didn't have the 'issue' that some have had with a step between the nose area and centre section. If you build carefully, there is no such issue.

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I'm telling ya... You are just killing it! Amazing wiring, hydraulics, everything about it so far. I work with Hydraulics for a living and know so called "Craftsmen" that cant do as clean a job as you have in your model! Great work Handi!!!


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                                                 Hello All !!   Well Herman and I have been hiding the 262 in various bunkers as we had open houses and showings ,,,,( much too my      dissapointment of finding things moved on my bench at critical times ) and have finally sold our house and found a new place to hang around. My Supreme Comander ( wife ) has informed Herman and I we have a couple weeks too get our factory boxed up for the move ,,,,, we have decided to finish this bird before any of that happens so there will be more updates coming this way.  We hacked apart the engine nacelles to show most of the Jumo 004's that Herman plumbed out  ,, sprayed the inside with sheetmetal metalizer then oversprayed the nozzle and rear part of the nacelles with exhaust metalizer ,,, other than that primed, preshaded and ready for color,,,


                                                                             As always more to come!   Thanks for the kind words again and thanks for lookin!!  :)








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                                                      Hey Everyone ,,  got some color on ,,, now letting it setup for a while before future and decals and,,,,,, everything else,,


                                                                                    Thanks for lookin !!   :)





























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