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Junkers Ju-88 A-1 "Battle of britain"

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Hi Guys,


Here are some pictures of the 1/32 Revell kit of the Junkers Ju-88 A-1. I build this model when it just was out.

I builded it for our IPMS Magazine (the Netherlands). This was build almost OOB. I just added some wiring and some seatbelts.

The decals were from Techmod.


















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Thanxs Guys,


What decal set is that?
Particularly interested in the Geschwader insignia...

That is a decal set from Techmod. I think they have two sets for the Ju 88.


nice job on this.  so how and where do you display?

It was a couple of years ago in our hardcopy IPMS magazine (the Netherlands).





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... maybe if it was a BOB GB we might be able to coax one of our manufacturers (maybe one in Germany hint, hint) to fill out the missing links!! ... like a Do-17z   :stirthepot:

or even a BPD? ...


Having said that I DO love a good Junkers :D

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