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Hasegawa Fw190D-9 Black 10 II/Jg 26 Wnr 500618


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For my first WIP thread on LSM I thought I would do a yellow-tailed Dora. I've got a parallel WIP going on over at LSP

but Mike thought the build would be a good candidate for this GB. The kit I'm starting with is


The markings will be one of the ones from the EagleCal EC#21 sheet


The sheet even includes the scheme from the kit box top. This would be a good thing if I wanted to build

that version because upon opening the kit box tonight I found the kit decals had severely yellowed.

I haven't decided which plane yet....It will be one that I can find easily in my refs (Jerry Crandrall's Vol 1 and 2

on the Dora as well as 2 of the 3 (planned) volumes of the JaPo series on the D9). This post is just to put a

placeholder and show the goodies for now

Speaking of goodies I have some Eduard P/E interior and flaps and some QuickBoost exhausts


The interior P/E and QuickBoost set will probably end up being unused because along the way I picked up the

Aires set for the Hasegawa kit which will probably render the previous stuff redundant.


This baby is a kit itself...here's a quick overview of what's in it


And if that isn't enough AM I found the following in the box when I opened it


EagleParts gun and radiator cowlings

I might need another kit to use all this . I'll use some from all of it.


After perusing my references I've decided to use the EagleCal markings for the kit-box scheme
which is Black 10 II/Jg 26 Wnr 500618



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Errr, can one assume that the kitchen sink will follow shortly??  :D  That's a terrific collection of AM you've got there and I for one am pulling up a nice comfy chair to watch it all come together .. and the kit too.


"Yellow Tail #10" looks like a great subject Jeff.

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Thanks for the encouraging words guys :) Speaking of kitchen sinks...here are my refs




Since it's Sept 1 in GMT :) I've made a start


The patient was marked up for surgery. I have then benefit of reading through James' build with the Aires

kit from a couple years back on LSP. He had issues towards the end lining up the engine properly. I assembled

(without gluing) the kit pieces to get a line on the crankshaft and laid a piece of tape along that line. This

should help with alignment later on




I threw caution to the wind and used my Dremel with a cutting bit. I know it's dangerous but I watched a YouTube

video lol and got some tips. Essentially you have to keep the tool moving at all times and I don't bring the tool

right to the edge of the cutting zone. I held off and finished with a curved blade. Here are the results




You'll notice a smudge of putty....the video warned my about the Dremel jumping...and it did d'oh....nothing that

a spot of Tamiya putty can't fix.


The wing gun covers were given the same treatment with the Dremel and I taped everything together to start

test-fitting the resin bits. The instruction sheet says thin the plastic and dry-fit extensively.....Ya think?  




I've worked with large amounts of A/M in the past and I usually rush it....I'm taking my time on this one and\

test-fitting everything a lot more. I don't expect to be gluing for quite a while yet. I did try some PVA glue

to hold the gun compartments in place and had moderate success....it helped stabilize the resin while

figuring out where to thin/chop the plastic.


Thanks for following along!

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Welcome aboard Dave...up to my neck in resin dust here. Thank god for the Dremel

and a respirator. I've got a lot of the engine assembled but not painted. I'll

post an update when I lay some paint down on it

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I've been plugging away at the mass of resin and the engine is mostly assembled minus plumbing, exhausts
weathering and some pieces that help locate the radiator assembly and firewall




Some elevator cables and a hand-crank were scratched in the rear fuselage and some wires (that will never be
seen :() added to the radio



Looks like I did a crap job on the radio panel cut-out....that will have to be cleaned up



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Looking forward to this Jeff! You have a bit to get through! Love Dortenmann's Yellow Tail scheme!


Just FYI, "Black 10" as shown on the box art and decal sheet is not Dortenmann's D-9 - it was always 1 (red 1, yellow 1, black 1, etc) :)



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I'm plugging away at the D9. Still not much glue involved except for the engine. When

the instruction sheet says 'dry-fit' and 'thinning of kit parts required' they mean

business lol


The instructions from Aires leave a bit to be desired. Specifically in terms of alignment.

I've already shown the line up for the engine and I made a template of the firewall out of

styrene card and transferred the mount points for the engine to the card. I then used the

card to line up the installation of the engine mounts.


The wing gun bays are another issue. The instructions don't really show how to locate

the bays and line them up exactly. So for those of you that have this resin set here's

a series of tips for how to locate the bays


First step is to tack the fuselage together with tape and then tape the lower wing

assembly to the fuse assembly




Now position the bays such that the inside edges of the bays seat into the wing root.




Tape on the wings and reposition the bays using the inside wall as a guide again.




You can see here that I need to do some more trimming and I need to fill the space between

the edge of the bay and the cut-out for the access panel. The real aircraft has a slight

step there.


Thanks for looking in

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Thanks J-M ... This is the first time I've heavily used the Dremel I bought a couple years ago.

I was only using it for cutting resin off of pour-stubs because everybody said it would melt

plastic even at the lowest speed. But 2 things happened....I finally figured out what cutting

bit to use (the one that I thought was a drill bit) and constant movement of the bit. Of course

you have to dial down the speed and not cut right up to the panel line too. But using it is

a vast improvement over the old chain-drilling technique.


The other thing that has helped me is the discovery of the curved X-Acto blade for thinning. Works

a lot better than the good-old No 11 blade or a chisel that I used before this.

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Thanks Grant. It's not that hard once you try it :) I remember tackling way too much

for the 1/48 Tamiya He219 when I just started back a few years (7!!) ago. It was

daunting but ended up being a learning experience. As I mentioned previously the

Dremel has been a great help on this one. I've already screwed up a few resin parts

but oddly enough it wasn't over-zealous use of the Dremel...it was a razor saw gone

amuck :( luckily one screw-up is right at the front of the cockpit by the rudder

pedals so it will never be seen. The other one was the razor saw cutting too much into

the top of the landing gear bay. I'll have to reveal that at some point but the way I

fixed it almost looks like banged metal...yeah...that's what it is :)


Sorry no pictures guys. I just sprayed a bunch of RLM02 tonight on panels and the

gun bays and landing gear bays. The cockpit and IP are slowly coming together. I'll

try to get some pics up tomorrow night


I just noticed I misspelled Hasegawa in the title....I see people editing their

sub-titles all the time how do you do than and can you edit the main title too?

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I just noticed I misspelled Hasegawa in the title....I see people editing their

sub-titles all the time how do you do than and can you edit the main title too?  <-----------  Done!


Thanks for the encouragement Jeff .. I've got a Dremel and a gazillion bits it seems so I'll find a sacrificial kit and let rip !! :D

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Yikes...I haven't updated this in a while....too busy drooling over the resin in the HpH Walrus kit I guess


I finally got around to washing and dry-brushing some of the many parts lying about and decided since the wings are almost

ready to go together that it was time to build the Eduard flap set. This is a fairly high Wrknmbr'ed machine and may have

likely sported wooden flaps....but I have the PE and I'm going to use it :)




Building the flaps was greatly aided by the use of my Mission Models Etch-Mate




I don't always use it for small bends but it comes in handy for the longer bends like in the flap set


I also find the Xuron PE shears absolutely indispensable now that I have them




I used to just use a #11 but always had trouble with slight bending at the cut and left-over metal. These

things are precise and create a sharp/flat cut


The other new tool I'm just starting to use is Radu Brinzan's super-glue applicator




I used to use a tooth-pick in a pin-vise but these give a lot more control for small precise amounts of CA


Anyway...still fiddling with the lower to upper flap attachment....it's a little tricky the way Eduard

places the hinges points and I'm a bit ham-fisted. Can't blame it on lack of tools though lol


Here's another better shot of the (mostly) completed flaps




Thanks for looking in

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