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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

SKIF 1/35: 122 SpH 74 aka 2S1 Gvozdika in Finnish Service

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I have been thinking about participating in a group build for some time. Maybe it's finally time to take the plunge.

I have a 2S1 Gvozdika from Skif in 1:35 scale. Finnish army acquired a bunch of used 2S1 Gvozdikas from former East Germany on 1992 and 1994. They are named "122 SpH 74" in the Finnish army. This howitzer has been on my to-do list for some time and now this Ukrainian GB seemed the right time to start. I have the Hataka paint set for modern Finnish Army, which will be put to test as well.

The plan is to do pretty much an out of the box build.


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Building the lower hull was surprisingly tedious work. There were few, if any location pins. After careful taping and gluing piece by piece the hull was finished. I added some additional support from sprue parts inside the hull.



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Some tiny update on the progress. I didn't feel like doing the wheels, so I jumped ahead a bit. The turret is coming along nicely, some imperfections in the muzzle break, which I patched with some carvings from the sprue.
Not much progress in total, most probably this won't be finished before the deadline, but I'll try to keep it up.


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Finally some progress during the last days. Working with the photo etch set was interesting, it really adds some nice detail. I have a small PE bending tool from RP Toolz, which helped a lot with bending the tiny bits.

 I'd say this is almost ready for priming.  Most probably this will not be ready before the deadline, but I'll continue anyway. This has been fun group build, thanks for setting it up.




lower hull.jpeg

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I added some weight inside the hull and started painting it using the Hataka paint set. Oddly enough some of the paints were "optimised for brush" and some "airbrush tested". Two of the greens were "Airbrush tested" and sprayed quite nicely even without thinning. The "Nato black" was optimised for brush so I thinned it with nearly 1:1. However, that caused the paint to become too thin. I sprayed the last layer straight from the bottle and it sprayed nicely as well.



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Two green colors and one black later, removing the masking was exciting. Most parts were great, in some places the too thin black paint bled under the masks. Some touch ups needed here and there. I still don't like the rubber tracks, but I'll try to make them work anyway.



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On 9/9/2022 at 12:27 AM, GusMac said:

Looking really good Jani. Nice to see a build of such an unusual subject.

Thanks! The Skif model was a bit of cumbersome in some places. From what I hear, the Trumpeter kit would be better. It seems that there a bits that are missing from the kit. I don't even know what those are, but they are in nearly all the photos that I saw.360640742_122SpH74-tubes.thumb.jpg.1bd21348059906dd9009c2c561cabdb5.jpg


Decals are in place and some final touches before weathering. There are some mistakes with the placing of some PE, which might need fixing. The typeface of the decals isnot the same as real thing, but at the moment I'm beyond caring. I'm half tempted to call this done...


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This has been an interesting journey. I have never done WIP or a group build before, but this was fun. Having some sort of deadline helped me to kick my own behind to finish this. The Skif kit had some issues that tried to push me away. To be honest, it could have been me and my clumsy hands as well.

Back in the day this was pretty much the only game is town if I wanted to have the 122 SpH 74 (2S1) for Finnish Army. As a bonus, it had the decals already in the box. Now I would start with the newer Trumpeter kit. Too late I noticed that the typeface of the registration number Ps521-xx is not the same as the actual typeface. Well, that's something I'll live with. As with some omissions in the kit and smaller details that are missing. Closeup photos on the big screen reveal even more boo-boos.. As I don't try to build any competition winners and build for fun, I'll let them pass.

This kit was also the first time I did some actual weathering. Previous models I have made have been nice and clean. For this model I braved to do some pin washes and splashed some mud on the tracks. Plain and simple artists' oil for the pin wash and Vallejo's Splash Mud for the mud. The mud is not exactly convincing in all the places.

All in all, group build was fun, thanks for organizing it! I'm happy to have the 122 SpH 74 in my model cabin. I'll post some more images in the Ready for Inspection section.

Soon I will need a simple Tamigawa build, currently I'm wrestling with the ancient Revell Corsair..

Br, Jani



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