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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1:32 Hasegawa Bf 109 G-6/R6, Yellow 4, 3./JG300

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Hot damn, that looks damned good!


I remember asking you about your tire painting when you built the Tamiya Spitfire Mk.IX, and no matter how much I try to emulate your painting on tires I cannot get results anywhere close to yours.  Brilliant stuff, this model looks absolutely fantastic.

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Tried for some inboard wing grime and wear...






Silver chips were painted first using a 50:50 mix of Citadel Chainmail and Boltgun Metal, followed by some Vallejo 70826 German Cam. Medium Brown chips applied with a dry sponge.  Successive layers of watery 70826 were then daubed on using a wet sponge to try to give a patchy filter effect, and to tone down the Citadel silvers.  Hard-edged "things" were added using black, warm grey and yellow ochre Faber-Castell watercolour pencil marks moved around with a small damp paintbrush.  2B graphite pencil was used for some bright highlights.





Watery Vallejo 70950 Black was daubed onto the prop blades using a wet sponge.


Thanks for looking.  Cheers, Ralph.

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Woodshedwings:  glad to hear it - hope you get some fun out of trying.

Paulster:  gets rather ugly if you get too close!

mikester:  I can't build Revell to save my life - still haunted by their He111.




Model's done - pics over in "Finsihed Work"...

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I somehow mangaged to miss following this build until now. You have outdone yourself yet again...and once more I thank you for sharing your painting techniques/ mix ratios, etc. I am (shamelessly) copying your techniques on my own current build. Just...superb! My collection of "How to Build the ______________" books are gathering more and more dust on the shelves...who needs 'em with this sort of material/inspiration?





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