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1/72 BTR-80 Trumpeter


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Local hobby shop organized a mini buddy build, everyone got the same kit and a photo of the real thing was anonymously drawn. Based on that we were free to build it the way we want.
I used resin wheels from Armory and bronze KPVT 14,7mm cast barrel from MiniWorld . Other then that I had to modified the light guards, add the search / IR light and a bunch of handles , hooks, intake mesh. Base was made out of cocoa powder can, covered with small printouts of the worlds 19 newspapers title pages, dated Thursday, February 24. Wooden pallets and the cat are 3D prints from Firma 49.
It was fast and fun build, hopefully the final result is enjoyable to look at as well. :)












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Love it, Martin!  Though I'm having trouble thinking of a Ben & Jerry name for it.  Putin's Peanut BTR Folly?   Putin's KGB Crunch?  Sundae, Bloody Sundae?  War Crimes, Raisin, and Cherry Garcia?

Seriously though...   Powerful imagery.

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Thank you guys, it's 4am, I can't sleep. Initially I thought I was awaken by the pups, but then I checked the news and realized that it was actually an explosion on the Crimea bridge. What a good morning LOL 

As soon as my eyes are done, I will build more 1/72 scale BTRs, but this time in the proper livery. 🌻

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