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If you don't mind Harv , i thought I’d tag my news into the bottom of your thread.

As off June 6th …yup D day , we will have left our home at Wheelers End cottage and moved to a bigger house in Brize Norton. So we swap Chinooks at nearby RAF Benson for Globemasters at Brize . 

Hopefully leaving enough time to unpack and do my F 4 for the wet GB 

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18 hours ago, harv said:

Looks like it will be a bit later for the man cave to get set up. Have a guy coming tomorrow for an estimate on widow replacement $$$

How’s your heart doing?  Make sure you’re sitting down first.  That’s the one thing that I understand that prices have tripled on in the past 3-4 years.  It was a perfect trifecta. Glass costs skyrocketed, labor costs have risen and vinyl for windows is based on petroleum costs. 

Honestly, I would run the cost of windows against energy savings vs. life expectancy.   Now if they just look like crap and killing the view, that’s a different cause.  We’re going to have to replace ours sometime soon because they just look like crap.  And we bought this place for the view.  Wife wants to put it off, I told her we aren’t getting any younger and we need to enjoy the view before we go blind from old age. 

We did windows about 13 years back at the old home and it was $11k.  Friend just got a quote, but a few more windows and it was $70k.  
Had another guy tell him he could swap out just the glass panes for under $20k.  Some brands like Anderson and Pella are the worst for high pricing.  Shop around carefully. 

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Thanks. Yes, look like crap and some the gas is gone between planes and they sweat and fog up. I actually have 2 quotes coming. One today and another the 22nd.  Yeah know about costs. The wife just had a big renovation of here house. About $30,000 !!....harv 

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