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My life....


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4 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Hey Buddy. Glad you’re getting settled in.

FYI, Harv had told me a long time ago, but at his request, kept it quiet until he was ready to break the news. 
I love both Harv and Bev, and I know they both care deeply for one another.

Im glad you were able to acquire a new house and car, my friend. I’m thinking a 55-56 Ford hardtop or a 1955-1957 Thunderbird would look mighty good on you. 

Yes it would my good friend !....harv 

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Quite a pad, Harv.  How many bed and bathrooms?  The living room looks gigantic.  Here in Australia, many rooms tend to be smaller.  I have 2 and 1/2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms.  But most rooms and bathrooms would be nice walk in closets in the states. 


Even the "master bedroom" is only 12ft by 12ft.

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Onwards and upwards Harv, great that it's amicable, people change, as myself and my ex found out after 28 years. No point staying together if it's not working. Take time to adjust and do what fits for you. Get to know single Harv and do what makes you happy!




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My pride and joy ! When we first moved here, this was in used stuff place for $160. Over the years we would go there and no one had bought it. Then about a year ago, it was marked down to $65 ! So I snatched it ! It's signed and numbered. Did some research on it and found out it's worth about $600 !......harv 


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Looks a nice pad to land , plenty of light and space . Gazza's right though......... that carpet monster gonna eat and eat 😀


Divorce sucks , been there seen that too buddy  . The pain fades after time . I hope it works out ok for you Harv . 

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Hello Harvey,


So you're uncoupled !!

I'm in with a chance now then....🤗😊


What a shocker that is to read as I open the forum.

You know I love you and Bev but if after 44 years , life has become different  for both of you, then I am sure you will do just fine!

I wasn't aware of this so MY sincerest apologies for not knowing !

I'm happy that YOU ARE HAPPY and have managed to get a new home and new car and New everything!!

Your new fancy abode looks great !

Are you still in Shell Knob?  (I'll call you on your cell later).

even though as you say it was mutual, I think it will be very unusual(and a little hard in the beginning ) to be on your own but if anyone can make a single life feel AMAZING  I know   you can Harvey dear friend!

At least you won't have to share your last ROLLO With anyone !!

All MY love and best wishes for the future.

SINGLEDOM club is here to stay !!!

😘  😉



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