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Revellgawa's less amazing 1/48 F4 FG1 892 Squadron 1972 . Completed !

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I've not forgotten the Tamiya F4-B down there ⬇️ . I'm busy working up to a house move and frankly want to sit down over a holiday period to really enjoy that build . Maybe Easter if we're not moving them . Meanwhile I've had this Revell FGR2 knocking about, which is a repop of the old Hasegawa F4  . Last time I built this, i did it as a FGR2 using the RAF 2 Sdn decals that came with the kit . Fancied building it again as the earlier FG1 ( Hasegawa's tooling pretty much covers both ) as one of Ark Royals 892 NAS Tooms in their hey day of the 1970's .

Fun fact , I had a day on board Ark Royal R09 ( plus lunch) when she was in Devonport dockyard around about 1976 ish .

Here we go with HMS Tenby in the background which dates it to pre Feb 1973. No RWR on the tail , little stores, probs a calibration/ training  flight rather than a CAP . Nicely worn EDSG , XT860 would have been about 4/5 years in service (first flight Feb 1968 ).




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Nose full of lead , the overall fit is ok apart from the intakes , which were a crap fit on the first one I built too . 

No real engine details so sprayed the inside black just in case . 



First blast of filler primers to see how it looks . . Shock horror.... I used commercial car rattle cans from Halfords (O'Reily for US viewers) for the primer . it's a Brit thing honest. 

Needs to harden up & will gently rub back


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  • PanzerWomble changed the title to Revellgawa's less amazing 1/48 F4 FG1 892 Squadron 1972 .
30 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Good start and very fast, wish ZM would do an any British variants. Only ever built one hair dryer and the was ZM F4J……

Yup , those Speys did us no favours , then or now !

Mind you it kept the value of RR shares up ...the same RR that gave the Soviets jet technology in a complete package for the price of a single engine .....no wonder Truman didn't want to share Manhatten with us . 

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17 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

The RAF did fly some F-4Js so you could one of those...

I think that was BC's point . TBH the post Falklands buy of second hand Phantoms was expediency to base at Port Stanley ,and they didn't really go on to have much in the way of interesting careers , even if the RAF quietly acknowledged they were better than the Spey engined ones. 

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Underside .

Tamiya gloss white base coat , mottled with dark grey , then progressively oversprayed using the white thinned with gloss varnish . Time ot dry then flip her over. 

I'm not a huge proponent of this method ... but think alwasy worthwhile trying something new other every build looks the same . We shall see. 




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Rolled her over . Blasted with RAF Ocean Gray , lighter than EDSG . Trying to replicate the faded look . Mottled with EDSG ....then decided it was too light so misted more with EDSG and mottled with Ocean Gray .🥺 Then modulated with diluted Ocean Gray . Chasing my tail till I was happy. All the matt coats are being mixed with gloss varnish and gently rubbed back to build up a gloss coat.

It's then covered in several layers of gloss coat so I think the mottling is a bit more obvious now than it will be after knocking back with matt. 

Masked the ROYAL NAVY as the XTRADECAL sheet for this aircraft  doesn't have that one .Link to decal Sheet. FG1 options

Masked the large serials underwing as way too big for a decal to settle without slivering 

Got most of the major decals on , it's late Saturday night , so reckon will have a session on Sunday/Mondau for all the stencilling . Needs the seats, undercarriage and stores painting , but we are getting there, and pleased that  it looks better than the RAF version I did a few years back 


Pics don't do justice to the Alclad rear end. 







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Fantastic progress, I like the mottling effect and I'm with you, to try something new with every build. I even put projects on my schedule only to learn certain techniques. 
I think under a matte coat and some post weathering the mottling will look exactly perfect. It's good to see one of these Brit Phantoms being built.

Cheers Rob

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Cheers Peeps , I've wanted a Phantom from Ark Royal on my shelf for a long time, so I'm enjoying the build. Love F4's and Lightnings in equal amounts ...if only there was a decent Jaguar in 1/48 ....I do have a Kinetic Harrier to buid and then for me all my cold war jets will be complete. 😁

Lots of decals today  . I think we are done with stencils . Needs seats , stores , wheels and weathering to complete.

Mottling is more pronounced in pics than on the bench , wonder if the camera is getting carried away with the contrast . We will see.







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Righty ho -  sticking a fork in this one and calling it done . Glamour pix tomorrow in an RFI as it's midnight here now. Really happy how this turned out , even if this is 1987 tooling originally  - for sure a keeper for me . Stoked to have a crack at the Tamiya F4 later this year as well . 



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  • PanzerWomble changed the title to Revellgawa's less amazing 1/48 F4 FG1 892 Squadron 1972 . Completed !
On 3/7/2023 at 9:23 AM, PanzerWomble said:

I bought Vol 1 and 2 of Geoff Coughlins build guides from KLP ,. these are way better than I thought they would be and well worth the money 






I have a few of Kev's books too.  The folks doing the building follow a pretty good format and I've found the books helpful as well.

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