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Revell/Hasegawa FW-190D-9 next up

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I had started this build a little while ago but put it back in the box for something else. Now it's time to bring it out and get with the program. I really like the looks of the broad tail D-9's along with the attractive late war color schemes. Black 6 fills that bill just right! LOL


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1 hour ago, Peterpools said:


Even for your normal speed, your progress is incredible. Air's office looks mighty good and the fuselage is perfect. prop and spinner are spot on and the spiral -perfect for sure.🏆

Thanks Peter. :) It's always a pleasure when everything fits! :)

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35 minutes ago, BlrwestSiR said:

Incredible how fast this one is going together. I may just have to try my hand at one of these.

The only 190 I've attempted was the Hasegawa A-8 and it ended in failure. 

I agree it's going fast. Faster than I expected actually! This kit does have a few things in common with the A-8 so I doubt it would present any problems. :)

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