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My 2013 in plastic.....


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Started off the year with a Hasegawa Bf 109G-14 that was originally done for "Foreign Colors" GB at that other (now defunct) website that some people are incapable of uttering! :lol:






Next up was the biggest model I've ever built, Dragon's Bf 110D.  Great kit built for the Arrow Wolf Messerschmitt GB.






Not being content with just one build for the Messerschmitt GB I decided to add a Hasegawa G-14/AS to the mix.






And yet another Messerschmitt!  Are you sensing a trend here?  The new Revell G-6 done for our "109 Build Off/Review".






And last,the venerable Tamiya 1/35 Panther "A", which sat on 95% complete on the Shelf of Doom for over a year.  Finally got motivated to finish her up.





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