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HK B-25J Ave Maria +extras

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This is a really HARD work :-( I hate repairing rivets... on top and bottom of fuselage are completely new rivets... 


It´s easier to make copletly new rivers on whole plane, then repair some of them...







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Sure, 1/32 without rivets looks like a toy...


But as I said, for me, is better rivetting whole kit without rivets, then repair only some of rivets on rivetted plane...


Here i´m try black surfacer... for silver I´m using Gunze Supermetalic colors... for first...

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Biggest problem is, that many many many many ( around 3987) rivets, needs to be renew.


Second are the moulding issues. (some things are on photos up)


Basic parts fit really good (when you use a file), but panel lines are shallow, rivets are various.. 


As I said before, for me it´s better to rivetting whole plane, than repair riveted kit.


(because here you must repair every 20th rivet)

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Thank you Dave.


Today I am really angry. Can somebody tell me, why exist SAC company? Their undercarriage sets are totally sh*t.

Everything on them is wrong, No geometry, no correct diameter for wing and no for wheel... crooked... 


How can somebody sell this for money???? 


Eduard wheels has a sign of parting line forms, poor contact surface of tire... rims are terribly molded.....


damn it, that was really bad, bad day... 5,5 hours for this... 




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