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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

HK B-25J Ave Maria +extras

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Guys! Thank you very much!


Sorry for last photo, I´m fighting with postprocessing :-D

I have short tutorial of making worns... ( have video too, I must upload it somewhere)


1) silver surface

2) worn effect (AK) (sometimes I´m using semigloss coat after silver)

3) tamiya acrylic paint thined with Mr.Color Levelling thinner

4) shadings with the same type of color, but toned

5) water








and my kit after wash...


and testing assembly..


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Gentlemans, thank you very much! Thank you all for helping me find energy during a build.

Stunner. BTW> Do you use a photo booth and what material is your background.


I´m using a white cardboard.. This plane is bigger then my biggest photo tent.


For finals photos I must buy another two lights and bigger cardboard :-D


Dave: Next? one week with a beer and after that probably Ju-88 with some extras :-)

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