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I'm trying to clear bench space for the TBM,on which I'm trying to use what I have learned here. This one was "well down the line" when I joined LSM.......I froze,and it went on the shelf.I took it off the shelf,and the lovely fella who fitted our A/C dropped a wrench on it.....back on a larger area of shelf.So,after that,off it came again,and I had my 1st gentle play with oil dot modulation,(ty Doogs)got it stuck back together(it had lost undercart and both wings),and battered and bent as it was,thought I would post this on behalf of we mortal modelers to say ty for how much we learn hereFStorch004_zps68bb1c10.jpgFieslerStorch011_zpsbd962bf0.jpgFStorch006_zps3182c414.jpg

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Very nice. Always thought to was odd about the rearward mg. Maybe it was just to make the pilot more comfortable.

I believe also it was the last aircraft to be shot down in the European theater in WW11.......by someone in an Auster or some such,with a colt 1911....wounded the pilot,who force landed!!

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