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EE Lightning F3 11 squadron Binbrook

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Hi all,

Here is something I have been working on at the moment. It's the Trumpeter Lightning.

I got the Aires wheelbay and ockpit set which are far superior to the kit parts. So far It's

An enjoyable project, and big too.















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Hi Cees,


I've had one of these on my long term wish list for a while now, but have been slightly put off by a lot of negative reviews on the accuracy and shape of the fuselage, and I was wondering what's your opinion. It sure looks like a Lightning, and the examples I've seen at shows, builds into an impressive model. I'm not the sort of modeller that craves absolute pinpoint accuracy, but on the other hand I don't want to fork out around £80 for a kit that is flawed.





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HI Andy,

I'm aware of the many errors this kit has. But I am not an expert on jets. Like you I have seen built examples at shows

and they were impressive. I don't mind if the wing is 5 mm too far forward or the spine doesn't slope, the fueltank is

too bulged or the canopy shape isn't exactly right. In the end the difference should be slight. If it looks like a Lifghtning

I am pleased. I agree that the price is indeed a bit steep for this kit. But on e-bay they remain hight so ther must be demand.

I am just enjoying this build. My second jet after the Meteor so I am really bitten by the blowdryers at the moment.

I would say just go for it (quoting the lovely Kim Wilde)



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Small update

Cockpit nearly finished apart from fitting gun sight reflector glass.

Midway through painting ejection seat. I realised this is my first ever......huh?!

Hopefully soon the canopy can be fitted.







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Your build is looking fantastic. Love the detail on the ejection seat. I'm getting ready to build the seats for my Ju88 cockpit.

Here's a question. If you paint, detail, add seat-belts etc and then install in the cockpit how do you glue them in place since everything is painted?



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Hi Ralph,

Well the location in the pit itself I did not paint and the base of

The seat is kept clean too. I glued the seat on a piece of sprue to

Better handle it during painting.

After finishing the seat will slide Down and kept secure with cyano.

I noticed the handgrip between the pilot's knees should be

Yellow/ black. Will correct that soon.


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Thanks Cees I'll still that idea if you don't mind of using a a piece of sprue to make detailing of the seats easier. Also will mask of any gluing area too. Thanks for the ideas.

Headed to the Atlanta Model Show today!!



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