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Tamiya 1/35 Mk. IV Male


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Hum.... Now when i was making my preorder, HLJ doesn`t allow it... and now with this information: "Although this item's price was previously announced as 3800 Yen, Tamiya has mentioned that the price has not actually been set yet. As a result, the price is currently listed as "T.B.D." (to be determined). We will add the correct price to this page as soon as Tamiya announces the price." :(

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I won't hazard a guess, but only because I'll buy it regardless!


I was taking an "armor hiatus", if you will, but these newly released WWI stuff has got me itching to build noisy, tracked thingys!!

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I will definitely be having one of these, hell when I die I am going to be leaving a few kits behind, cant keep up with these new releases!!!!!!

My greatest fear is that my wife will sell my kits for what I told her I paid for them.

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